Entrepreneurship Connects Students With The World Of Virtual Reality

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    Can you imagine combating student dropout and promoting interest in technology thanks to virtual reality headsets? This is what the technological startup called Pixdea does.

    This growing business develops an educational program with virtual reality based on gamification and practical learning, which allows transforming common topics into immersive gaming experiences, where students accelerate their learning by up to 90%, according to learning studies at Oxford University.

    Cutting-edge educational technology

    The educational tours carried out by Pixdea at the moment aim to provide a technological and cutting-edge educational format to public and private schools in Costa Rica.

    “To reduce student dropout and make the public education system better, we are creating more attractive content, using virtual reality,” explained Xavier Rubio, founder of the venture.

    Their own virtual classrooms

    “One of the strengths of our program is that it is very accessible for any educational center to access technology and have their own virtual classrooms, where their students can be astronauts and travel to space, or even visit the ancient Egyptian empire. in just a few minutes,” added Rubio. These tours seek to promote learning in a more active, effective and entertaining way for the beneficiaries, through an experimental and fun model.

    Rubio founded Pixdea in 2017. The organization works to transform traditional school education, but also the way companies operate and citizens access new technology.
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