6 Suggestions for Traveling More Environmentally Conscious

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    The world is dealing with a major problem of pollution and global warming. People are encouraged to adopt environmentally friendly practices wherever possible. One way to do so is to travel in a sustainable manner. 

    Traveling in an eco-friendly manner, on the other hand, can be difficult. You need to make several adjustments and incorporate new practices. The following are some suggestions for reducing the environmental impact of your travels.


    For those who don’t know, hitchhiking is a traveling method where people, mostly strangers, decide to travel together and share petrol costs. When more people are in the same car, it only means less traffic and less pollution.

    Hitchhiking is not only about traveling sustainably. It is also an excellent way to meet new people, plan a trip together, and get fun ideas.  If you are a student having loads of essay assignments, you can request custom writing and embark on your journey. 

    In today’s world, everything has been made easier by technology. Therefore, you do not have to stand on the roadside with a written board waiting for a suitable driver to arrive. You can use multiple apps and web services to look for someone heading the same route as you. 

    Car sharing is just a matter of going online, indicating departure and arrival points, and just like that, you have your trip partner. Additionally, with hitchhiking, you will cut down on your itinerant costs.

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    If Possible, Do Not Travel by Plane

    This is one of the best ways to reduce the harmful emissions released to the environment. Statistics prove that carbon emissions from planes account for more than 2% of global emissions. Therefore, if you are using an aircraft consuming sustainable carbon fuels, it would be best to look for alternative methods.

    Some destinations can be reached only by plane. Therefore, if flying is the only means, it would be advisable to avoid traveling several short distances. Short-distance flights are responsible for most of the pollution caused by different transport modes per kilometer. So, several short flights only mean more emissions. 

    Therefore, it would be only advisable to consider flights if there are no other options. Otherwise, travel by train or bus. Yes, they also use fuel but not all of them and not as much as aircraft do.

    If you have to fly, there are several online platforms that you can use to offset your emissions. For example, you can find a venue that dedicates a specific percentage of revenue raised from their ticket sales to offset travelers’ emissions by funding eco-friendly practices such as tree planting. 

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    Look For an Eco-Friendly Accommodation

    Back in the days, eco-friendly accommodation facilities would be primarily located in Amish communities or old-fashioned farming areas. However, you can now find loads of them in ordinary settings too. 

    There are tons of eco-friendly hotels and accommodation facilities that promote environmental sustainability. Unlike the others, these facilities try as much as possible to minimize their impact on the environment. 

    When in such hotels, you are guaranteed to use either reusable or biodegradable materials in most cases. This includes kitchenware, cutlery, air fresheners, detergents, aerosols, etc. 

    The good thing about using such facilities is the assurance of proper waste management. Food waste is composted, and other wastes are recycled or disposed of properly. Therefore, you will have peace of mind knowing that all these won’t just end up in a nearby river or on a landfill. 

    Contrary to what some people think, eco-friendly hotels do not skimp on luxuries on their property. Yes, they can be different, but you will still enjoy them. 

    Pack Only the Stuff You Really Need

    When embarking on a journey, everything you bring with you as luggage counts, especially if you are taking a flight. Carrying extra luggage on board adds to the overall weight, affecting the fuel amount that it will consume. 

    The more fuel the plane consumes, the more CO2 is emitted. On the contrary, miniature packs will go a long way in curbing the emissions, let alone making your journey easier (you will not have heavy stuff to carry around).

    Before you pack your bags for the journey, it is essential to consider what you can carry and what you can purchase on arrival. Also, consider the fact that you might need to carry back goodies for your friends and family. Packing less might seem like a small effort towards saving the environment, but it has a significant impact and is essential for change. 

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    Treat Every Destination As Your Home

    Most people don’t tolerate littering and pollution around their homes. Some have even set firm ground rules to combat this. Travelling doesn’t relieve you of the same responsibilities you have at home. 

    Ensure that your behavior in a hotel is the same as at home. This means that you dispose of waste correctly, you don’t take long showers (to save water), and you turn off electricity when not in use. 

    Unplug Your Home

    Most of us put effort into preserving the outside environment and forget about our homes. Therefore, before you leave for your trip, ensure that you have switched off all the lights. You should also unplug every device in the house, except the fridge maybe. This will not only save electricity, but you will also be cutting down on your energy costs. 


    Eco-friendly traveling is very beneficial. It is a significant move towards reducing global warming, a problem with disastrous effects. Adopting such practices will help save our mother earth and improve our way of living.



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