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    Correos de Costa Rica (National Postal Service) put into circulation today in the world the postal issues of its series: “Towards the Bicentennial of Independence”, referring to the 15 national Costa Rican symbols.

    In 2017, Correos de Costa Rica began the postal issues – three symbols each year – of this series, starting with the Flag, the Shield and the National Anthem; followed by the Yigüirro, the White-tailed Deer and the Manatee (2018).

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    In 2019 they were the National Theater, the Pre-Columbian Stone Spheres and Los Crestones del Cerro Chirripó; and in 2020, the Carreta, The Torch of Liberty and the Marimba. These postal issues circulated in September of each of those years, in salute to the anniversary of Costa Rica’s independence, on September 15th, 1821.

    This year, the fifth and final installment of this series will circulate nationwide on July 12th, and includes the Guanacaste tree, the Guaria morada, and the Coffee. Each issue consists of a sheet with six postage stamps of three different motifs, in addition to the first day’s postmark and its respective philatelic bulletin.

    Bringing together all the current national symbol

    The President of the Philatelic Associations of Costa Rica, César Sancho, pointed out that this is the first time that a collection brings together all the current national symbols, although some have already been part of individual issues.

    He affirmed that these exposition travel the world and give the opportunity to get to know Costa Rica through its symbols, and specified that this type of theme, especially those related to flora and fauna, are highly desired by philatelists from different parts of the world.

    On the other hand, Correos de Costa Rica advanced the preparation of a special issue: “200 Years of Independence”, which will consist of four souvenir sheets and will circulate on September 15th.

    The postage stamps, he explained, will present the main axes on which this Bicentennial of Independence is commemorated: historic Costa Rica, healthy and supportive Costa Rica, decarbonized Costa Rica and capable Costa Rica.

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