Traveling to Costa Rica: 6 Awesome Reasons to Visit Costa Rica

Not too long ago, Costa Rica came in as the world’s happiest country, according to the global Happy Planet Index.

This means that based on overall lifestyle satisfaction, the people of Costa Rica are some of the world’s happiest, and for good reason. 

With its temperate climate, incredible natural backdrop, culture, food, and the coffee, of course, what’s not to love about this Central American destination?

Here’s why you should add traveling to Costa Rica to your bucket list…

6 Reasons Why Traveling to Costa Rica Is an Absolute Must

Costa Rica is wedged in-between Nicaragua and Panama in the heart of Central America. So, if you’re based state-side and arriving via cruise ship, explore unique shore excursions here. 

This is a peace-loving nation that has had no standing army since the 1950s and is now the home of the United Nations University of Peace. 

Here are some of the top reasons to travel to this tropical paradise: 

1. The Costa Rican People

As mentioned, the people of Costa Rica are extremely peaceful, friendly, helpful and happy. And much of this is owed to what they call ”Pura Vida”, which translates to ”pure life”. 

The locals believe in living a relaxed, slow-paced way of life as well as the importance of community and shared responsibility. So be prepared to meet some of the friendliest people who are willing to open their homes and hearts to you!

2. The Warm and Welcoming Climate

Costa Rica boasts an average yearly temperate of 85° F due to its location relatively close to the equator. This means you can expect to enjoy balmy weather and plenty of sunshine. 

However, due to its volcanic terrain, Costa Rica is host to a number of tropical climates. Basically you get to experience warm beach days and the cooler environment of mountain cloud forest in one place. 

It does rain a fair bit during the wet season, but this can vary depending on the exact area of Costa Rica you’re visiting. Just do your research first!  

3. Amazing Local Wildlife

Close to 30% of Costa Rica is dedicated to wildlife reserves and national parks. This means that nearly half of the nation is considered an environmental treasure-trove of nature and wildlife. 

On your visit to Costa Rica, you can expect to see iconic species such as sloths, macaws, humpback whales, howler monkeys, iguanas, and beautiful blue morpho butterflies. 

Make sure to schedule a visit to the Tortuguero National Park to catch a glimpse of nesting sea turtles. And don’t miss the Manuel Antonio National Park for nearly everything else. 

4. Idyllic Beaches

If you’re a sun, sand, and sea lover, then Costs Rica is the paradise you’re looking for. With over 800-miles of virtually untouched coastline, you are truly spoiled for choice. 

The country’s beaches are divided between the Caribbean and Pacific coasts which make for plenty of surfing, swimming, and fishing opportunities.  

5. A Touch of Adventure 

Outdoor enthusiasts, eat your heart out in Costa Rica. This is a country well-known for its many adrenaline-pumping tours. Some of the most popular include white water rafting, waterfall abseiling, volcano hiking, and jungle zip-lining. 

If you love watersports, you’ll also a chance to catch some of the best surf or try your hand at windsurfing. 

6. A Coffee Lover’s Paradise 

Some of your most-loved brews of coffee are most likely grown on the volcanic slopes of Costa Rica. The country is home to a variety of award-winning blends and plenty of rich, decadent, and delicious coffee. 

Find Local Costa Rican News and Updates 

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