5 Steps to Start a Wellness Life

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    Taking care of your physical, mental and spiritual health is the most important thing to achieve your dreams. Therefore, it is important that you know that the wellness lifestyle is a way to achieve general well-being. Having a wellness life is creating a series of habits that achieve total well-being to have a healthy routine in mind, body and spirit.

    This requires you to be very attentive to many aspects of your daily life: from taking care of your diet and your body, to surrounding yourself with people who contribute positively to you. Do you want to learn to be a wellness person? Here are 5 steps that will help you. Meet them!


    It is a constant and challenging task but very satisfying over time. Know what your strengths and weaknesses are. You can start by writing how you feel, not only recounting your day but accompanying it with reflections. This way you will learn to be more aware of all your emotions. After internalizing them you can decide to change what you do not like.

    A good way to learn about self-knowledge is by participating in situations that put us to the test, such as traveling without company; that is, doing it alone, for example. All this is intended to learn to love yourself just as you are in different situations, while recognizing what you need to improve.

    Healthy links

    Personal relationships, whether with a partner, family or friends, are key points to developing well-being, for the simple reason that everything around us, including people, feeds us as human beings.

    Social contact is a very important factor to incorporate new habits and change old habits. Everything will become easier when you know what other people are doing and it works for them, knowing their points of view and experiences.

    Therefore, it is important to learn to recognize and choose all those who add positive learning to you, above all, who contribute and encourage your growth and self-realization. Not only that, remember that your actions are the reflection of your thoughts. Therefore, the more positive thoughts, the better results you will have in your day to day life.

    Balance your mind and body

    A couple of factors play an important role here: the physical and the psychological factors. You achieve the physical one with good exercise routines and the psychological one when you develop ethical and positive values, as well as environmental values; that is, when you become aware of the environment in which you live, through respect and tolerance.

    The modern pace of life, with all its speed, creates serious difficulties for us to focus on one thing. It is really extraordinary if at the end of the day we can fully concentrate and be aware of what we do in each moment.

    For example, having an activity outside the office helps to clear your head and have better muscle development (in addition to helping you lose those extra pounds). It is best to find exercises that manage to keep you active physically and mentally. Yoga is a great exercise as it stretches your body, improves your coordination and trains your brain for meditation. The perfect exercise is the one that calm anxiety and help relax muscles.

    It is very important to take care of yourself from head to toe. That is why we recommend you to carry out regular check-ups, in order to be 100% healthy.

    Sport and relaxation

    There are disciplines such as yoga and pilates, among others, that help us improve physical health and release tension. Remember that maintaining a balance between both activities helps you reinforce self-realization and acceptance.

    We spend so much time locked up in offices that we forget that we are living beings that need to breathe fresh air and receive sunlight to have a boost of energy. For you to have a wellness lifestyle you need to connect with nature! Take the time to go for a walk in your spare time or even practice gardening. Contact with nature will change your mood and your way of living.


    Eating well and healthy is part of a healthy life. Therefore, try to make your diet as natural as possible and consume fewer processed products. You will feel more energetic and prepare your body to deal with illnesses.

    Decrease and in the best case scenario do not buy or waste your money on products such as: sweet or salty cookies that you keep above the refrigerator or in your kitchen drawers to eat on weekends and watch a movie. If you want to eat something sweet as dessert for certain events that you have in the week, try to prepare your own cookies, your own desserts, they are much richer, more nutritious and will be cheaper in the long run.

    The meat we eat now is not the same as the one we ate many years ago. Try to eat chicken or fish meat 1 or 2 times a week, reducing beef and pork. If you fear the amount of daily protein, do not worry there are many types of legumes and vegetables with a source of plant-based protein that will help cover your daily protein needs.

    Remember that we are what we eat and if our diet is based on non-nutritious things, the result will not be the desired one. Adding food supplements that give you what you lose on a daily basis or maintaining a balanced diet will make a huge difference in your mood, your figure and even your beauty.


    Finding the perfect balance can be an easy task and more when you have extreme workloads, strong social pressures and personal issues that make your center lose! For this reason, in recent years the issue of maintaining a wellness lifestyle has become more important.

    Apply these tips in all environments in which you develop, such as work, home, social gatherings, etc. And little by little you will find your own balance. Remember that learning to lead a wellness life will also bring wellness to those around you.

    To succeed in the wellness lifestyle and not give up, focus on this thought: it is a process, a step by step and there is no “perfect” way to do it. Nobody leads a healthy lifestyle all the time, not even those who have been taking care of themselves for years. There are stages in which you will have a lot of energy and you will do better and others in which you will be weaker and you will leave it a bit to the side. Nothing happens!

    The important thing is that, no matter what happens, you continue on the path to this lifestyle. Of course you’re going to make mistakes (a lot), but you’re also going to evolve and learn, so every day it’s going to be easier for you.

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