5 Diseases Men Should Pay Close Attention To

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    Usually, when talking about men’s health, an almost automatic reference is made to prostate cancer, which seems like it is the only disease proper to men; the truth is not so. Beyond prostate cancer, there are conditions such as: tumors, infections, and others that affect men and that can compromise their quality of life, their personal and professional performance, and even put them at risk.

    There are 5 conditions that would be good to pay attention to:

    Testicular tumors

    Like other forms of cancer, testicular cancer occurs when abnormal cell growth occurs. There are many different types of cells in these organs, and various types of cancer can form in them.

    It is very important to know exactly in which cells the cancer has formed and what type it is, since its treatment and prognosis are different. More than 90% of cancerous testicular tumors form in the germ cells, which are the cells that produce sperm.

    Urination problems

    It is often linked to urination problems with the prostate; however, they can also occur due to abnormal situations within the urine channel, penis, bladder, or kidney.

    The problem starting to urinate or maintaining adequate urine occurs slowly and over time; sometimes it is not noticed, so it is allowed to pass until the man can no longer urinate at all, which in turn causes swelling and discomfort in the bladder. In addition to the advance of time, another cause of urination problems are infections, whether in the urinary tract or in the prostate. Among the symptoms of these are:

    • Burning or pain

    • Frequent urination

    • Cloudy urine

    • Sudden strong urge to urinate

    • Blood in the urine

    • Decrease in testosterone


    Testosterone is the basic and essential male hormone. It is produced in the testicles. It can fail and lower its levels for multiple reasons, either due to an abnormal situation in the testicles or from higher up, in the brain, inhibiting its production.

    Adequate levels of this hormone are essential for normal development. Although it is usual for testosterone levels to drop over time, there are men who present abnormally low levels, regardless of their age, which is called testosterone deficiency syndrome. .

    This deficit can cause men to suffer from a lack of sexual desire, fatigue, reduced muscle mass, irritability, erectile dysfunction, overweight, metabolic problems, and depression.

    Diseases of the penis

    Penile health is much more than just thinking about erection. There are even problems with this organ that may be a sign of something else. Among the problems that can affect the penis, beyond erection and others of a purely sexual nature such as sexually transmitted infections, premature ejaculation and anorgasmia, are:

    Fungal infections

    Peyronie’s Disease: It consists of bent and Painful Erections.

    Priapism: It is a very painful persistent erection, unrelated to sex.

    Phimosis: The foreskin does not retract from the head of the penis.

    Paraphimosis: The foreskin does not return to its position after retracting.

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    Diseases of the prostate that are not cancer

    Apart from prostate cancer, other problems can occur in this organ, such as:

    Prostatitis- It is an inflammation of the prostate, very common among men under 50 years of age. There are several types.

    Prostate enlargement– It is very rare in men under 40 years of age. It can cause trouble urinating. Its most frequent symptoms are the need to urinate a lot, to run to the bathroom but not be able to urinate or do it very little; urine dribbling and weak stream.

    Men should also self-examine and get to know their genitals well. Many problems are not detected in time because men do not self-examine.

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