Physical Activity is Vital for Men over 40

Andropause, joint failure and an enlarged prostate are some changes that they experience when they reach that age

Many men ignore little discomforts in the body or emotional changes that they experience when they reach 40 years of age. However, according to specialists in Wellness and Aging, these changes are normal and what is really important in the situation is to target early health care.

For this, the specialist shared a series of changes that men commonly acquire when they reach that age:

Andropause: These are hormonal changes and in some cases it causes the syndrome of testosterone deficiency, which causes a reduction in physical strength, decreased muscle tone, fatigue and insomnia, increased body fat, anxiety and problems in decision making.

Increase in the size of the prostate: The years bring with them an enlargement of the prostate, which usually causes compression of the urethra and thus cause discomfort such as difficulty urinating, incontinence drips, the need to constantly urinate, among others.

Joint failure: As muscle mass deteriorates, cartilage alterations tend to occur, which in more advanced stages lead to osteoarthritis.

Erectile dysfunction: This situation has a physiological and psychological impact. Multiple aspects can be its origin, including obesity, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and smoking.

Haz ejercicios todos los dias y vive más

Keeping physically active

Staying physically active increases well-being. Given the appearance of this type of changes,  it is vital to stay physically active; practice sports to increase well-being and maintain muscles that reduce the risk of osteoarthritis.  Exercising also prevents cardiovascular diseases caused by sedentary habits, which cause premature aging and in the worst way.

Take care of your skin, of the small wrinkles that mark the passage of time. “Being a male does not mean that we cannot be vain or that we do not want to look good and feel good”, explain specialists in Wellness Medicine. A professional in Wellness Medicine helps detect and treat hormonal imbalances and other situations that can affect men’s quality of life.

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