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    The Importance of Physical Activity for Improving Self-Esteem

    There are many reasons why it is necessary to be physically active, including physiological health. But there are others that focus more on the...

    Physical Activity is a Mental Oasis for Work Productivity

    Getting the most out of collaborators in a company, offering a high return on investment, can be obtained thanks to the most powerful, democratic...
    Mind Fitness improves Memory

    “Hey Tico, get active!” Government Presents Program to Promote Sports and Physical Fitness

    Minister Solano explained that the program includes the implementation of different modalities of physical activity in the cantons
    Physical Activity is Vital for Men over 40

    Physical Activity is Vital for Men over 40

    Many men ignore little discomforts in the body or emotional changes that they experience when they reach 40 years of age

    Ideal Food in Stressful Moments

    Few people know that food is related to emotions and when pictures of stress are presented during the day, food becomes a method to...

    A Set of Exercises to Extend Your Life

    Did you know that in the research of global health risk factors, physical inactivity was ranked as the fourth factor after high blood pressure,...
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