True Pelvic Health

True Pelvic Health..

In todays climate it is pretty hard not be either completely or mildly obsessed with your health.
We are bombarded in each and every direction with what to eat, where to eat, when to eat, how to eat and where the food should come from that we eat.  

More than ever our culture is dripping with the obsession of what use to be just deemed as a normal every day occurrence to basically stay alive.

And it is not just the food.
Our physical appearance is in the privileged lime light that anyone would think noble peace prizes were being given out for good muscle tone achieved for most weirdest and wondrous workout.  
Haven’t heard of a noble peace prize ? 
You can be forgiven. The ever so much more important and deemed noble agenda of having it all as an individual has taken precedent in the limelight. 

Our culture is beyond measurable measure, obsessed with health.
We even have no qualms depleting species of insects to make sure our “super foods” are organic, our milk are vegan and in the quest to have it all, the madness even somehow deems it ok to use immense amounts of fossil fuels to import those must-have superfoods from else were landing at our designer kitchens and blenders in “eco” friendly packaging. Not really ever giving too much thought of how having to have these foods raises the prices for the locals where we so feverishly buy it from.

We have all gone literally quite mad. 
Seeing as I have all faith in the grand mother earth ( she sent the dinosaurs on their way when she had had enough of their heavy and dis respectful ways of killing and eating everything in sight ) I actually find our elitisms hilarious. One cannot take all this seriously ! in all seriousness. we will pay for it you know that ! and pay heavily.

Rant over I actually want to Bring in the factor of health that is at the corner stone of all humans yet hardly…if at all, ever discussed. 
Womb, vagina, prostate and cock health.
It is the corner stone of our existence, the root of our mental, physical and emotional health and intrinsically connected to all our systems in our bodies. Yet…. hardly ever mentioned.  Until there is a problem.

Painting by Emma Plunkett.

With the focus here on women’s sexual and menstrual health, the Yale University School of Medicine states that 60% of women have urinary incontinence issues and 50% of women suffer from some kind of pelvic organ prolapse after child birth. Absolutely insane statistics. Imagine if men had these types of statistics in their prostate health? There would be free health care eery where.
The way we are going it won’t be long. So hang onto your seats gentlemen. 
This is not normal female bodily function. Yet it has been completely normalised by the medical profession.
Womens Vaginas and other internal organs falling out, women peeing their pants as they laugh, sneeze, skip rope or jump on a trampoline with their kids.  
There are now more earth damaging products being pushed onto the women to wear so they don’t have to be worried about wet spots and leakage problems. Instead of properly fixing the problem we get to buy more toxic stuff. Yay.

Throughout history, the sexual organs of women have been celebrated, regarded as the central haven of health, power, wealth and youth.
It has long been known that by exercising the internal muscles of the vagina women are able to harness the full extent of their feminine sexual power. allowing them to remain healthy, thrive in their sexual health way into their eighties and nineties, keeping them young and strong.

Women for centuries have used a gemstone called the “Yoni Egg” . Originally Nephrite Jade, these eggs can now be found in many different types of crystal stone. For over two thousand years women have been exercising the pelvic and floor muscles with these stones shaped into eggs as it has anciently been known that a woman health, her beauty and longevity is achieved through a strong and healthy Vagina.

Image from inside of an 18 Century Pocket Watch

A healthy Vagina intensifies life force energy. And before you go “Oh Kegels” let me dispel that little myth.
What the medical society spills out today as Kegels is a very watered down version of what Doctor Arnold Kegel gave our “modern” western culture in 1847.
After witnessing an immense amount of women with incontinence issues ( also in an era where women were being forced to birth laying down… does any one take a shit laying down ?..I did not think so ) he developed an exercise program that would strengthen the pelvic floor. These exercises involved contracting and releasing around an internal device called the Kegel Perinial Metre, resulting in a 90% success rate seen in his patients.
The Kegel exercise given out today actually does more harm than good as it is only one third of the story and does not allow your vaginal walls and pelvic floor to build strength. With no feed back response a muscle is unable to build. Rather convenient if you then need to go and get surgery or more medication from said Kegel Exercise giver. Yes?… mmhhhh

The Jade Egg ( or crystal yoni egg ) primes a woman vagina for deep sacred area orgasms, cervical orgasms, ejaclatory orgasms, heals her from incontinence, removes the need for hormone medications, assists in an easier birth, helps recovery from birth and increases a woman libido.    Using a Yoni Egg also gives you a face lift. One teacher of mine has had clients stop using botox once they begin to use a Yoni Egg. This occurs because when you strengthen and pull up the pelvic floor muscles you create an energetic lift through the whole body reaching your face.

Basically the Crystal Yoni Egg is the most powerful tool on the planet. As the most powerful solution for strengthening and tightening a woman’s pelvic floor and vagina, creating internal balance, mind blowing orgasms and accessing her sexual power, it is one tool every woman needs in her tool box! 
Who does not want full sexual sensation, pelvic health and mind blowing sex?

I you don’t have your egg yet then it is important to source it well. Not all crystals are peace love and mung beans.
I would suggest going to to purchase an egg that has been ethically sourced.

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Until next time.
Always with Pleasure

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