4 Foods that You Should Never Mix

    Avoid Stomach Troubles by Improper Meal Combinations!

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    Having a balanced diet is necessary to maintain a healthy quality of life, and to develop a fit body.

    What is often ignored is that in addition to exercising, the selection of foods to be consumed must be carefully taken, otherwise you may end up suffering from some discomfort at mealtime, which may even trigger an even worse consequence.

    Therefore, today we show you the foods that should never be mixed at mealtimes if you want to avoid a day of discomfort or a visit to the doctor. Take your precautions!

    Orange juice with cereals

    How many times have you suffered from heartburn when consuming these foods? Although some nutritionists recommend drinking orange juice because of its high content of vitamin C, you should know that by joining it with cereals, you can suffer from uncomfortable and very strong acidity.

    Milk and bananas

    Banana and milk
    Banana and milk

    Maybe you do not consume them in the same dish, but if the preparation of any meal contains them in the list of ingredients, the outcome is the same. It is also known that currently with the fitness boom, some people at the time of preparing ice cream and smoothies can get to mix them and this is a bad idea since it causes the milk to be “cut” by the fermentation process that occurs in our stomach. So now you know!

    Bolognese spaghetti with cheese. Believe it or not!

    This is one of the most common and popular mistakes that are committed daily. Sometimes we think that pasta is inseparable from cheese, but these foods have very different digestion times and can cause stomach problems and indigestion.

    Bolognese spaghetti and cheese
    Bolognese spaghetti and cheese

    Bread and jam

    It may surprise you to know that bread and jam do not go hand in hand, but we explain why. Specialists ensure that carbohydrates should not be mixed with sugars because glucose will end up stored as fat.

    So, from now on, you should be more careful when consuming your meals and mix your foods.

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