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    Adequate Consumption of Cow Milk Reduces the Risk of Osteoporotic Fractures By 50%

    The human body contains between 1 and 2 kg of calcium in total, and approximately 99% is found in the bones and teeth”

    Get to Know the Nutritional Properties of Milk

    School-feeding programs have proven to be effective means of contributing to better nutrition for children. Within them, milk has become the most important food....
    Common Foods that can be Harmful to our Health

    Common Foods that can be Harmful to our Health

    Talking about food, it is such a natural thing to ask ourselves: "what will we eat today?", and we go around all the dishes, drinks, desserts that are possibly part of the daily diet

    4 Foods that You Should Never Mix

    Having a balanced diet is necessary to maintain a healthy quality of life, and to develop a fit body. What is often ignored is that...

    Everything in line to continue export of milk to Nicaragua

    After nearly a month since Nicaragua banned the export of milk from Costa Rica to their country, it seems that that fire now has smoke...
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