Common Foods that can be Harmful to our Health

Common Foods that can be Harmful to our Health

Talking about food, it is such a natural thing to ask ourselves: “what will we eat today?”, and we go around all the dishes, drinks, desserts that are possibly part of the daily diet.

Although we believe that many foods provide us with a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, good carbohydrates, this is not the case. Perhaps many of those that we like so much, represent harmful foods for our health. Let’s see.


Margarine is part of these harmful foods since it has a high degree of trans fat (unsaturated fats). It is one of those responsible for cardiovascular disorders, it increases insulin levels and decreases the quality of breast milk. We can substitute the consumption of margarine for olive oil.


We must not downplay the consumption of milk as it represents a necessary source of calcium and protein for our body and bones. But it is also necessary to know that its consumption can be harmful since it contains a high amount of sugars and especially when artificial flavors are added, such as syrup or vanilla.

Preferably you should opt for less sugary and milk fat options or fructose drinks.


Rice is the base of many dishes and can be combined with different vegetables: broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, garlic, but despite the fact that these companions turn out to be healthy, white rice can be a harmful and / or dangerous food for people who suffer from high levels of sugars. White rice is a simple carbohydrate that is quickly processed in the body. It is better to opt for the consumption of whole and less refined versions in all cereals.


CoffeeBy itself, coffee does not represent a consumption harmful to our health. The problem lies in what we sweeten it. In different places they offer a great assortment of coffee varieties with infinite flavors: bonbon coffee, vanilla flavor, chocolate, among others. These concentrate large amounts of sugar and little coffee, added that the addition of milk increases the amount of fat

To avoid it being a drink harmful to our health, it is preferable to prepare the coffee ourselves and drink it alone, or with stevia, some cinnamon and skim milk.


Pizza is usually a very delicious and appetizing food, but its ingredients are usually harmful to our health. Its dough is full of carbohydrates made with refined flour, processed sauces, salts and fats, cheese a very fatty food and full of lipids. They are also coated with tuna, meat and other ingredients that increase the calories in pizza.

If you want to eat a delicious pizza without it representing a harm for you, it is preferable that you prepare it yourself based on vegetables and natural products.


The amount of butter, salt and oils in these corn kernels is exaggerated. This cereal is bathed in extra fat that makes it additive and tempting. The bags of popcorn already prepared for the microwave, are a pump of saturated fats that satiate the appetite and fill the cholesterol deposits, which really represents a food detrimental to our health.

It is better to do it at home with natural corn kernels and cook them in a pan.

Bouillon cubes

Bouillon cubes contain many artificial components and salt. Too much salt is detrimental to our health, it will never be good for anyone but especially for people who are susceptible to hypertension, such as diabetics and the elderly, who should avoid consuming them. A good option would be a delicious homemade soup.

Canned food

Canned food turns out to be an option for moments of lack of time or money. But we should not get used to consuming them and prevent it from becoming a habit.

Food being in a can has a long period before its expiration date, but its nutrients are lost. On the other hand, many low-quality brand companies often add a lot of sugar and salt to their products.

All these foods are usually in high demand when eating or preparing a meal, however we must take into account how harmful they can be to our health and look for consumption alternatives that instead of being adverse to our body, we provide ourselves good nutrition.

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