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    Common Foods that can be Harmful to our Health

    Common Foods that can be Harmful to our Health

    Talking about food, it is such a natural thing to ask ourselves: "what will we eat today?", and we go around all the dishes, drinks, desserts that are possibly part of the daily diet

    The Amazing “Tico” Food

    In our gastronomy, cultural influences such as the aboriginal, European, and African are characterized as heterogeneous since they join the flavors of many countries...

    Upcoming Inauguration of Thematic Park for Italian Cuisine Enthusiasts

    A huge thematic park built to celebrate the Italian gastronomic culture -"from the Farm to the Plate"- will be inaugurated next week in Bologna,...


    Costa Rica is located in Central America, between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.  It is known as "the Switzerland of Central America"...
    Costa Rica Food

    A Foodie in Costa Rica

    Just like most part of Central America, the food in Costa Rica is based on rice, fried plantains, black beans, tortillas and coffee which,...
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