Rituals with Rice to Attract Money and Prosperity

It may be a simple superstition, but the reality is that in many cultures great benefits are attributed to that simple grain of rice, especially when it comes to good fortune. We tell you about some rituals to put luck on your side.

Rice is considered in the East a symbol of prosperity, protection and good fortune. If you have ever wondered why the bride and groom receive a rain of rice when leaving church, it is because in Eastern cultures it is considered a magnet for prosperity to come to your finances, home and work. It also symbolizes fertility. Hence, many pimples fall on the heads of the newlyweds.

In Asia, rice is considered to symbolize the feminine energy of the earth and the sun, deities revered since ancient times. This grain, very popular in our country, symbolizes prosperity, protection, security and good luck.

In places like Malaysia, when the men went to war, the women left some rice behind after the harvest. It was believed that this way the men would not lack food and that they would not go hungry.

In other Asian countries, there is the idea that if a jar of white rice is placed at the entrance of the house, evil spirits who want to steal the happiness of the home, will flee in terror, just as a container with rice at work can attract good energies and promotions.

Rituals for prosperity

1. Take a few grains of rice and put them in a bag. Women can carry them in their purse and men in their trouser pocket.

2. Store rice in two glass containers and accompany them by lighting two green candles. Place them in a private place in your home to call for abundance and not allow other people’s glances to “steal” the energy.

3. To attract money to your business, it is recommended to put, on a Saturday afternoon, in a glass jar, a handful of rice, another of wheat and seven coins of different denominations. Move it with the right hand until all the elements are integrated. Then leave it behind the door of the premises, or of the house. Some people tie a red string to the rim of the jar.

4. In some towns in the East, women often throw several handfuls of rice on the roof. They ensure that it keeps lightning away when there are electrical storms.

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