Capital Sins for Our Skin

Tips on How to Keep Your Skin Healthy

We have all committed crimes against our skin that can cause its total ruin… Here we present to you the latest strategies to solve yesterday’s mistakes and combat the risks of today, protecting you from the wrinkles and sagging of tomorrow.

According to specialists we have only one skin for all our lives. That is why what we have done in the past will affect the future appearance of our skin, however, all is not lost. The abuses committed against the skin begin to be repaired as soon as we stop the causes of the attack. It is never too late to start!

Faults from the past

It usually takes about ten years between the actual damage to the skin and the time it becomes noticeable. So remember if these were your big mistakes:

Too much tan

First of all get over it. The damage probably was done way before you were old enough to know it. The effect of thin discoloration lines in the skin begins to appear in your early twenties. Fortunately, the latest technological advances are aimed at reversing this evil. There are treatments to rejuvenate the skin and restore the subcutaneous cells where long-term aging takes place.

Contrast light vs tan skin
Contrast light vs tan skin

To reduce wrinkles

Use products with substances that accelerate the change of cells such as retinoids and alpha beta acids and polyhydroxides.

To lighten the spots

Look for products that contain hydroquinone, a harmless skin lightening, or cojic acid that dissolves dark spots, plant extracts such as soy and blackberry and vitamin C can also have lightening effects. But do not bother with any of this, if you keep tanning yourself because  Uv rays will indeed produce spots on the skin.

You squeezed the pimples!

If you are like most mortals you probably already have done it. Touching the pimples can turn a sand grain into a mountain when you press them you are pushing the secretions into the pore causing inflammation, infections, and scars.

To soften your skin

Daily exfoliation with a lotion containing hydroxides or retinoic acids can help you improve the texture, even years after the appearance of pimples. To reduce stains do not waste your time rubbing the oil from vitamin E capsules on your face. Pay no attention because this substance simply cannot penetrate the skin and will obstruct the pores.

Today’s trends

Every day your skin faces great aggressors. Happily, now we have an entire arsenal of tricks to immediately make our skin look fabulous. But the battle will not be simple, you will have some temptations will have to be overcome.


You can recognize smokers because of their dark and gaunt skin. Smoking obstructs the blood vessels depriving the skin of the necessary nutrients for a healthier color and better texture.

To recover your freshness

Stop smoking now and add vitamin C to your routine care. This antioxidant helps to restore the cells.

Do not exaggerate the care of your skin

The more creams you use the greater the risks of ailment and allergic reactions and the more difficult to identify the causes.

Abuse of facial creams
Abuse of facial creams

Simplify your regime

Reduce it to the basics. Use a daily mild cleanser, a delicious moisturizer and a sunscreen against UVA and UVB sun rays. Later you can add new products one by one and observe the reaction of your skin before continuing with the next one.


There is no doubt that the environment can wreak havoc on your skin. Moisture creates ideal conditions for skin ailments, dry climates can cause microscopic tears in your skin facilitating access to irritants, and soot and smoke can clog pores. Apply a moisturizing or make-up layer to protect yourself from irritants.


Tension can make you lose moisture from your skin and dull, making it age faster. How? Stress can clog the blood vessels and weakens the ability of the skin to retain moisture and fight harmful agents of the environment. And also when you are stressed, there is a tendency to grab the pimples.

To relax your skin

Use a moisturizer that contains algae or aloe for acne caused by stress. And it would not hurt if we recommend you to relax. The better you control stress, the better your skin will look and feel.

Absolution for the morning

You cannot stop the clock from ticking, but taking the right precautions can delay it. So remember, eat a balanced diet regularly, and avoid cigarettes or alcoholic beverages. Additionally, you can take vitamin supplements that help you restructure the cells.

from the wrinkles and sagging of tomorrow.–Many of us want to learn how to take care of our skin better. With misumi skincare you can find the ideal solutions for your particular skin type. Everyone is different and needs different types of skin care.–


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