Let`s protect our skin. The battle between acids and alkalines.

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    I bet you don`t know…that you should make your diet a little more Alkaline

    The pH of our skin can oscillate between 4.5 and 5.9; this mantle is fundamental to create the barrier of protection of the skin, able to neutralize the alkaline-based microorganisms that can harm it, at the same time, favoring the growth of the natural flora of the dermis.

    In every living organism, substances are continuously produced as a result of metabolic reactions by the catabolism of proteins and other molecules, which would affect the natural acid state of our system and, consequently all body functions.

    The skin plays a fundamental role in our health, it is the protective shell between our body and the outside; the term pH means hydrogen potential, and it is a measure that tells us the concentration of ions or hydrogen cations in a substance.

    In our body, the pH is produced by an existing layer between the epidermis and dermis called hypodermis, this cover is responsible for lubricating the skin and protecting it from invading agents, such as bacteria, it is of much importance because different cellular processes need a specific pH for its optimal operation.

    The value of the pH goes on a scale from 0 to 14, being 7 neutral, lower values are considered acidic and higher, alkaline; This varies between men and women also depending on the part of the body, for example, if we talk that the fingers and the armpits approaching 6.5 this means they are more sensitive areas and exposed to bacterial infections.

    keep your skin Ph balanced

    When the pH of the hypodermis increases then it is when dermatitis and those other annoying inflammations of the skin occur as the result of using inappropriate cosmetics that do not maintain our natural pH, being a negative aspect that favors the unbridled growth of microbes.

    You did not know!

    1- As we said the pH varies subtly between men and women, being that of men more acidic because the skin produces more fat.

    2- During the first months of life the baby’s skin remains between 5.5 and 6.5 being more alkaline, this is because its acid layer is still in full development.

    3- Hormonal changes in a woman’s adolescence, pregnancy or menopause can also alter the skins pH. Washing your hands very often or with products that are too alkaline, contaminate and expose you to sudden changes in temperature.

    4- The pH changes according to each stage of our lives, in adolescence it is when more acids are present and as the years pass us by and we reach a mature stage, we have a more alkaline pH, which means that babies and the elderly have a more sensitive pH.

    5- The genital area and the intestines are more acidic, this helps keep harmful bacteria away. Urine is usually more acidic in the morning; on the contrary, saliva is a more alkaline fluid

    6- To have a healthy hair you have to have a slightly acid pH of 5.5 where the cuticle is closed and smooth giving a healthy and bright appearance. In damaged hair the pH is more alkaline reaching 8 making the strand open, looking more brittle and lifeless.

    7- The pH of normal skin is 5.5, dry in 6 and fat in 5; the T area of the face is usually more acidic than the cheeks, since that is where we produce more fat.

    8- The eyes tend to be alkaline, for that reason, the make-up removers used by women should have a higher pH so as not to irritate, unlike shampoo and other hair products that have an acid value and for that reason tend to sting.

    Is pH acid harmful to health?

    Actually, there must be a balance in our body; it cannot be very alkaline or very acidic since both extremes can cause us harm.

    Vegetables are good to keep a healthy skin

    Maintaining a pH for too long a period of time can cause diseases such as: Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, diabetes, lupus, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, kidney failure, and the most fearful of all, cancer, since in an acidic environment accelerates the growth of tumors.

    To have excessive acid in our organism prevents the vitamins and minerals from being absorbed correctly, the cells are lacking in energy due to their nutritional deficiency, it hinders cellular repair and the elimination of toxins.

    Try a slightly more alkaline diet.

    This by having a more alkaline diet based on foods rich in minerals such as green leaves, vegetables, sprouts, juices, salads, celery, onion, broccoli, parsley, cucumber, seeds, grains, seaweed, cherry, apple, pear and bananas, these provide oxygen and nutrients vital to our body.

    Acidic foods have their bases in animal products, energy drinks, and refined sugar. Try them!

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