Women at Their Workplace Help to Build Fairer and Egalitarian Societies

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    Despite the fact that, in recent years, the participation of women in the labor market and political life has increased significantly, gender stereotypes still persist in some societies, which hinders their full professional and personal development.

    Their entry into the labor market represents the door to equality, which is why companies play a fundamental role in the creation of initiatives and programs aimed at the personal and professional empowerment of women.

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    In the words of David Malpass, president of the World Bank, women must be fully included in economies for countries to achieve better development results. However, the latest World Gender Gap Index indicates that the current gender parity is 68% and if the problem is not solved quickly, it will take at least 133 years to achieve universal equality between men and women.

    In this joint effort to promote more equitable development and make visible the contribution of women in the workplace, Great Place to Work published its ranking of “Best Places to Work for Women” in Central America and the Caribbean, made up of 40 organizations that are being a factor of change to guarantee inclusive and equitable work spaces.

    The demographics of this effort show that the best-qualified organizations come in greater proportion from Costa Rica (28%). They are followed in descending order: Guatemala (18%), Dominican Republic (13%), El Salvador (11%) and Panama (11%); this confirms that efforts are being made in the region to ensure the quality of the work environment and employment opportunities for women.

    In 2019, our company launched the TP Women initiative, with which it has managed to form a support and mentoring network so that women are inspired by others to achieve professional growth. Likewise, it strives to improve the promotion of female personnel in positions of responsibility in all the countries where it has operations.

    As we move forward in promoting a gender-sensitive work culture, we have a positive impact on business development which, in turn, is linked to the growth and sustainable development of the countries economies. For this reason, it is important to encourage more women to become equal protagonists as men; that is, eliminating the obstacles they have in their careers to guarantee their free and full professional and personal growth.

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