Will There Be a Ferry from Costa Rica to El Salvador?

    As of 2024, this could be possible; trips would leave from Puerto Caldera, in Puntarenas

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    As announced by the Minister of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), Luis Amador, Costa Rica could have a ferry with trips to El Salvador as of 2024. This would be as part of the search for greater efficiency in the matter of transporting goods from Costa Rica to El Salvador.

    With this project, the 4-day travel time would be reduced to 18-hour trip, which is what it currently takes to reach Salvadoran lands. According to the minister, said vessel would leave from Puerto Caldera in Puntarenas, in order to travel across the Pacific, until it reached the Central American country.

    Many companies interested

    Likewise, Amador expressed that there are companies interested in said project. “There are companies-I think a couple of them- that are interested in operating the ferry. That is a private operation. Whoever wants to operate, I understand that they do not even have to ask for permission, they simply ask for permission to set sail and hold up in Caldera”, the minister said.

    On the other hand, the MOPT chief said that he hopes that more details will be provided by the authorities on this issue in the next 3 weeks. “More or less 3 weeks for the terms of reference of the works that must be done to finish enabling that area of the Ministry that is adjacent to the port of Caldera” Amador explained. Although it is true that it is a possibility, the minister for his part indicated that “it(the ferry) would have to be working next year”.

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