Which Christmas Tradition Do You Like The Most?

    Every country in the world has its own Christmas traditions, and there are even some that can be similar and significant in every household. Costa Rica has some special ones, and we decided that the world especially knows them...

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    On Christmas, the birth of Jesus is celebrated in over 160 countries by more than 2 billion people.

    Psycho analyst Steve McKeown, through a study he carried out, confirmed that those who emerge early in the Christmas season experience higher levels of happiness and tend to have fewer worries.

    “Faced with a world full of stress and anxiety, people associate moments of happiness and Christmas decorations evoke strong feelings, so people seek to associate themselves with things that put them in a good mood,” he said.

    The celebration of Christmas has some unique traditions in each country, many coincide or differ, but none of them lose the great significance for those who keep them in their lives, in their homes.

    Costa Rica, beyond its authentic beaches, beautiful landscapes, fauna, flowers, and beloved people, has some incredible traditions that make each Christmas the best and most special, without leaving out the typical dishes that everyone loves.

    Do you still have the traditions at home?

    The Festival of Light, one of the main activities to welcome Christmas in Costa Rica, is held in the second week of December in San José. It consists of two parades of lights that go from Paseo Colon to Democracy Park, and it is an event in which more than 1,000 musicians participate.

    As in many of the homes of the world, in those of the Central American country, you can highlight the Christmas tree decorated with decorations according to the taste of each person and the beautiful lights.

    Some people decide to make their tree with branches from shrubs, which is a very nice tradition.

    In Costa Rica they don’t talk about Santa Claus, but about the baby Jesus. It is also part of the countries in which the figures of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the kings, magicians, and animals of the wilderness are the most important part of the usual decorations.

    The baby Jesus was placed in the manger the night before Christmas, let’s say that this action is part of the Christmas festivities that culminate on January 6, when the Magi arrive at the manger.

    Another tradition is Las Posadas, considered a special tradition in Central American countries, which starts on December 16 and ends on December 24 with the birth of Jesus, in 9 nights The families go to a different place to see what Mary and Joseph went through while they were looking for a place to stay to have Jesus born. The hosts of each guest house offer Christmas dishes and desserts to visitors or guests.

    Among other Christmas events in Costa Rica are the bullfighting races, in which it is forbidden to win a bull. 50 to 100 wrestlers enter the bullring to drive the bull to the wheel.

    The Christmas time match between family and friends is not lacking, to receive

    For example, in Canada, the decorating of the tree, the gifts of Santa, and the gathering of families on December 26th and the saying that it is rooted in English royalty as a bestowal of goodwill at Christmas for the less fortunate.

    In countries like Iceland, people have a tradition of celebrating with 13 Fathers, not the Holy New Year.

    Some various events and traditions take place in the countries on this Christmas, some more extravagant, others more special, more significant perhaps because a family member who wasn’t in the last year, the present one will be because a woman was trying for years to become pregnant, this year will be the biggest year of the year, but everyone, happy and nostalgic, is grateful for, appreciates and celebrates the birth of Jesus and all the lessons learned, dreams fulfilled and new beginnings.

    Is there any other Christmas tradition you know? Share it here with us…

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