These Are the 6 Most Common Mistakes When Making Christmas Decorations That Can Cause a Fire

    According to data from the San Jose Fire Department

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    The Christmas season has already arrived in many Costa Rican homes, while others prepare to illuminate each space in their homes in anticipation of this celebration.However, it is important that you take precautions to prevent an outbreak or fire from occurring due to Christmas decorations.

     According to the Benemérito Fire Department, the main mistakes that are made in Costa Rican homes at this time are:

    • Placing combustible materials (cypress, paper-based decoration) near heat sources such as candles, electric heaters, among others
    • Use of poor quality luminaires, without certification seals from a third-party laboratory
    • Overloading Christmas lights from connecting multiple extension cords to a single outlet
    • Using electrical extensions that are not certified, of poor quality or in poor condition
    • Use of paraffin candles on the portal
    • Use of pyrotechnic items inside homes (no matter how harmless they may seem)

     In 2021, the Fire Department attended eight incidents related to Christmas decoration elements, including trees, Advent wreaths and doorways, as well as lighting.


    The important thing is that you take precautions to prevent these numbers from increasing this year compared to previous years.From the Benemérita institution, they issued these recommendations:

    • Do not place the Christmas tree near heat sources
    • Use decorations that are certified as non-flame spreaders.
    • Use Christmas lights that have certification seals from a third-party laboratory
    • Do not overload electrical systems by using extension cords and multipliers to increase the number of lighting strings.
    • Do not use candles unattended or in places where the flame may come into contact with combustible materials, such as textiles and Christmas decorations.
    • Additionally, check that the cables and plugs are free of damage, cuts or frayed cables that put the electrical system at risk, said Angélica Zamora, home advisor.
    • It is vital that when you leave the house and at night before going to bed, you turn off all the lights and unplug them, thereby avoiding the risk of fire, Zamora added.
    • If you are placing lights outdoors, be sure to use outdoor-specific Christmas lights and decorations when placing them outside. “Interior lights may not be prepared to withstand inclement weather,” explained the expert.

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