Which Airlines are Now Flying to Costa Rica?

    So far, up to January 20th

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    The Swiss airline Edelweiss Air was the latest to resume operations at the Juan Santamaría International Airport on December 23rd. Since then there has been no news about the return of any airline, but there has been the opening of new routes to Costa Rica by United Airlines, from San Francisco and Los Angeles, United States. So far, the only US airline that has not resumed operations in the country is Southwest Airlines.

    This is the status of all airlines that now fly to the Juan Santamaría Airport, with a cut-off to January 20th, 2021, as part of the opening of air borders:

    Aeroméxico: Resumed operations on October 18 to / from Mexico

    Air Canada: Resumed operations on November 1 to / from Toronto

    Air France: Resumed operations on October 31 to / from Paris

    Air Transat: Suspended until further notice

    Alaska: Resumed operation on November 20, from / to Los Angeles

    Albatross: Suspended until further notice

    American Airlines: Resumed operations on September 9 to / from Miami and Dallas. He resumed his operation on December 18, from / to Charlotte

    Avianca: Resumed operations on November 1, from / to El Salvador and Bogotá

    British Airways: Resumes operations this year (date not defined)

    Condor: Information pending

    Copa Airlines: Resumed operations to / from Panama on September 10. It resumed operations on November 23, from / to Guatemala

    Delta: Resumed operations on November 2 to / from Atlanta. It resumed operations on December 17 to / from Los Angeles

    Edelweiss: Resumed operations on December 23, from / to Zurich

    Iberia: Resumed operations on August 3 to Madrid

    Interjet: Pending information

    JetBlue: Returned on November 1 to / from Fort Lauderdale. November 4 to / from Orlando.On November 20, from / to New York.On December 18, from / to Los Angeles. New route on December 20, from / to Los Angeles

    KLM: Resumed operations on November 26 from / to Amsterdam

    Latam: Resumes operations this year (date not defined)

    Lufthansa: Resumed operations on August 5 to Frankfurt

    Sansa: Available for charter flights

    Skyway: Information pending

    Southwest: Restarts operations this year (date undefined)

    Spirit: Resumed operations in September, from / to Fort Lauderdale

    United: Resumes operations to / from Chicago on November 7. It resumed operations to / from Denver, Los Angeles and Washington on December 19. New route on December 17, from / to Los Angeles.New route on December 19, from / to Denver.

    Volaris: Resumed operations on October 29 to / from Mexico, via Guatemala. It resumed operations on November 26 to / from Cancun

    WestJet: Waiting for information from the airline

    Wingo: It resumed operations on December 4, from / to Bogotá

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