Juan Santamaría International Airport Celebrates Tico Culture

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    Juan Santamaría International Airport showed its patriotism during the celebration of Costa Rica’s 194 years of independence.

    They’re doing it with flare, providing a warm “tico” welcome to visitors arriving to the country.

    In addition to folklore and marimba dancers that entertain all, 800 giant lanterns, 5 large murals and white, blue and red transparencies adorn the airport.

    Lucia Gutiérrez, commercial director for Aeris Holding Costa Rica, the company that manages the airport, explains:

    [quote_center]”We want to celebrate and communicate to all of our visitors that we are proud to be a free and independent country since 194 years ago.”[/quote_center]

    Five murals allow visitors to visualize national symbols such as the flag, the yiguirro (clay-colored thrush, the national bird of Costa Rica) and the carreta (cart) each carry a QR code that takes tourists to a web page on their smartphone or tablet where they can read more about these symbols.

    The decorations are part of a larger initiative on the part of the airport called “Sense of Place” that means to implement thematic activities at the airport with a focus on special celebratory dates that will include, among other examples, exhibitions, gastronomy and recreational activities.

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