What Positive Effects Do We Experience When We Are in the Jungle?

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    A good way to enjoy the jungle is to look at the details. That is why we take into account, the benefits and stimuli that we overlook or underestimate when experiencing its uniqueness:

    The jungle air relaxes you

    People who arrive in the jungle, perceive the air, and the first thing they notice is the aroma of “sweet vegetation” in the environment that usually comes with a feeling full of pleasure that fuels the desire to rest and relax. One of the reasons for the “sweetness” of the environment is due to the purity of the air loaded with pollen, humidity and a lot of oxygen.

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    In addition, the jungle makes us feel really refreshed, as we recharge our batteries. Why is this happening to us? Recent research indicates that when we surround ourselves with trees we breathe better quality oxygen and, therefore, suffer less anxiety and depression, among other benefits of life in the countryside.

    Oxygen is known for its many benefits, including relieving stress, soothing muscle aches, increasing energy, sleeping better, slowing the aging process, and recovering from hangovers quickly.

    The jungle raises self-esteem

    On a mental level, walking in the jungle raises self-esteem in a significant way, increases the production of serotonin in the brain, which intensifies intellectual functions and improves mood, contributes to increasing willpower, discipline, perseverance and self-control; Reduces stress, anxiety, aggressiveness and depression. It stimulates creativity and effective capacity. It positively influences our attitude and character.

    Obviously, emotions change depending on the environment, and in the jungle, some feel fear and surprise, which calm down when we find small beings such as insects, small mammals, fungi, mosses and ants, and giants such as ancient trees that stimulate our senses and exceed our expectations.

    In short, the rainforest is a source of well-being that recharges our lives with vitality and humility, to continue with daily life grateful for all that we are.

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