Does Stress Affect My Body?

    A powerful enemy of your health, if not handled well

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    Many times we say to ourselves: “I feel bad, for sure it’s stress”; “I’ll take this tea to relieve stress”; “Give yourself the day, you may be stressed”; “Exam scores have me stressed out”; etc. Now, when do we realize that stress is affecting our body? or better, do you know what stress is?

    Stress is the set of reactions that are triggered in the body when it is faced, suddenly, with a harmful agent of whatever nature, the reactions are symptoms such as headaches, inexplicable fatigue, lack of concentration, irritability, aggressiveness, agitation, anxiety, muscle aches, eating disorders, skin problems, or unexpected mood swings. You may be suffering from the disease of the 21st century.

    Not as bad as it sounds

    Don’t worry, stress isn’t as bad as it sounds, you just have to learn how to handle it. But why isn’t it so bad, if the symptoms are fatal? Stress is a physiological response caused by the hypothalamus (it controls the functioning of the nervous system and the activity of the pituitary) that activates the adrenal glands releasing adrenaline into the blood and body so that you are prepared to deal with situations that are caused by external or internal reactions.

    This means that stress is up to date in our lives, the goal is to ensure that this stress does not become a disease with its complications, because by releasing that hormonal load in our body to cope with a stressful situation, that response that seeks balance in our body must be channeled, either to focus positively on motivation, that is, to use this adrenaline energy to achieve our goals, dealing with the problem, and not letting the problem consume us.

    We have to take care, by leading a satisfactory response to stress, avoiding internalizing that hormonal discharge in a negative way causing the outcome of a disease, damaging the body and / or the mind which can lead to suicide and / or depression, among others negative outcomes.

    When do we realize that stress is affecting our body?

    When we recognize that we have a problem or simply that our body manifests the symptoms.

    The origin could be those caused by the environment, those originated in the workplace and those that are caused by the nature of the person.

    By recognizing that we have a problem and identifying the cause, we take action, but when we don’t, our body begins to respond with disease. We strongly recommend taking action on stress and helping others recognize it too.
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