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Night life
Night life

This Caribbean country is one of those that top the list of countries where its inhabitants have the longest working days, that is, it can be called the country where the stress of day to day grows in its inhabitants and is maintained flower of skin by the pressure of having to maintain a healthy balance between his personal life and bear fruit at work.

In contrast, Costa Rica is known in other latitudes as an ideal country when it comes to resting or visiting for tourism, its inhabitants complain and are struggling to have strenuous work days and occupy the largest number of hours of his daily work.

In recent days the stress in the Costa Ricans has been increasing considerably thanks to the harsh demands that are presented in their jobs, and also for wanting to fulfill all their work activities, greatly losing valuable time linked to their personal lives.

This condition of strong and long working hours can cause in those who undergo various anomalies that in many cases can be harmful to physical and mental health, in turn, can also affect third parties because the changing moods that are experienced can generate damages in the relations that are established to others, among them: families, friends, co-workers, and partners.

The main conditions that can be experienced when presenting a sharp picture of stress include fatigue, fatigue, depression, and various discomforts, it is important at the time of making these long work days be attentive to take small days of rest to avoid that this type of situations wins the battle.

sustainable development
Sustainable development

The causes that can trigger a certain situation of stress can become diverse in this particular case the performance at work and to present an excellent result can be the first factors triggering stress among the inhabitants of our country.

These situations can be any stimulus, external or internal (physical, chemical, acoustic or somatic or sociocultural) that, directly or indirectly, leads to destabilization in the dynamic equilibrium of the organism.

Among the characteristics that oscillate as the main causes of stress are:

Emotional conflicts


Situations that force the brain to process.

Loss of a loved one.

Perceptions of threat.

An abrupt alteration of emotional stimuli.

Locks in our interests.

Group pressure.


Do not achieve planned objectives.


However, Lazarus and Folkman (1984), made known the following theory “for whom psychological stress is a particular relationship between the individual and the environment which is evaluated by the individual as threatening or overflowing its resources and which endangers your well being. That is why we have tended to classify them by the type of changes they produce in living conditions. It is convenient to talk, then, of four types of stressful events “

It is also propitious to remember that there is a stress clearly linked to the labor field, which is one of the most experienced types in Costa Rica, which is commonly referred to as work-related stress which is no more than harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the position do not coincide with the capabilities and resources or the needs of the worker, or when the demands of the work far exceed the capacity, knowledge and skill limits of those who intervene in the company, from the managerial level to the working plant.

This so-called work stress can affect mental and physical health, causing irreparable damage. There are acute reactions, such as stress itself and fatigue, behaviors contrary to the conservation of health, such as smoking, alcoholism, apnea and chronic ailments, which can manifest in various ways, from a cold-allergy to the disjunction of some organ; One example is cardiovascular disorders associated with extended and irregular schedules, among other factors that may develop in different countries around the world.

Time running in the city
Time running in the city…

In order to act preventively and even respond effectively to the stress factor, it is suggested that companies hire specialists or go to external bodies that can diagnose in a timely manner the trends that could take market demands (increases-decreases in product demand or service, increase in the price of inputs, supply of the product-service from unusual regions, etc.), as well as offering workshops, conferences, courses or seminars to be updated at all levels and for all staff, starting with those who have the managerial responsibility .

One of the main sources of stress is the work environment, which highlighted as a source of satisfaction of human needs, such as self-realization, interpersonal relationships, as well as representing a source of illness for workers, threatening the needs of personal and professional fulfillment, as well as physical and mental health. mental.

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