10 Ways to Be Less Stressed in the New Year

New Year’s Day is often looked at as the perfect time.

New Year’s Day is often looked at as the perfect time to make a whole new set of resolutions to go along with the new calendar year. Along with those new goals comes the realization that the year before may have left behind a few things that still need to be dealt with. Here are some ways to stick to your new goals and get rid of the stress so you’re ready to face the year to come.

Downsize Your Life

10 ways to be less stress

We all have a tendency to accumulate ‘stuff, hanging on to things even when we haven’t used or looked at it for years. Time to get rid of those clothes you don’t wear or no longer fit, the old household items you don’t use, or all the other stuff you don’t use. Make a policy of using it, donate it or toss it. Once you do, you will have a sense of accomplishment and will start the year off right.

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Improve Your Diet

Eat better is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. Incorporating more fresh fruit and vegetables, while consuming less fat, sugar, and carbs will help you keep that goal. Why not consider cooking at home? There’s just nothing like putting together a delicious and nutritious meal yourself and it’s less expensive, too!

Make Downtime a Priority

By making time to play and just relax you can reduce your daily stressors. Take time for talking or playing a game with a friend or loved one. Consider taking a trip to a local bingo hall or casino to play bingo games with friends or you can play bingo games online at home. You might even come out a winner and wins some extra spending cash!

Book a Spa Day

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to try a new hair color or style. You can pamper yourself at home or book an appointment with a massage therapist or have a facial or other beauty treatment. Every time you book time for yourself, you’re affirming to that you’re worth it!

Put On Some Music


Music can take our minds off of the things that are bothering us and can help to in relieving stress. You can sit and listen to music quietly in the background, or crank it up and dance your cares away.


Taking just 5 -10 minutes or more a day to switch off our minds is a great stress reliever. You don’t have to become a yogi or sit for hours at a time. Simply close your eyes at your desk at work, focus on a spot on the wall, or spend time outside in a park. Meditation is an excellent way to calm you and establishes better concentration and good health.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Stress can make for a fitful night’s rest. Sleep provides us the means to recharge and rebalance so that we can function, so getting the proper amount of rest is crucial. If you have trouble falling asleep, try drinking a cup of herbal tea or limiting the time you spend watching tv or staring at a screen time before turning in.

Read More Books

Yoga stress

Books not only offer a way to increase what you know, but they can also provide an escape to a whole other world. Whether you make a whole list of books you want to read or want to finish just one, reading is a great escape. Find books at the public library, a special bookstore and destress through reading.


Keep a Journal

Many people find that pouring out what’s on their mind onto the page relaxing. A diary, journal, or blog can give you a creative outlet and relax you. Use a regular spiral notebook or find something special just for keeping your daily thoughts in.

Take a Walk

Walking gives great exercise and being out in the open air being alone with just your thoughts can provide you with a brand new perspective on things and help you solve problems. Consider taking a 5-minute walk break during the day either outside or around your building, or to the corner for a coffee break.

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