70 Will Be the Minimum Grade to Pass the Theoretical Driving Test in Costa Rica

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    From now on, people who take the theoretical driving test of the General Directorate of Road Education (DGEV) will have more chances of winning it: they will pass with a minimum grade of 70. This was announced by the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT).

    Previously, aspiring drivers had to earn a grade of 80 points or higher. This initiative seeks to equate the parameter with that established by the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) in its evaluation mechanisms.

    “With this score, equality is sought for all the people who apply the theoretical course, either from the MEP or through the General Directorate of Road Education of the MOPT, by virtue of numeral 217 of Law 9078, establishes the obligation to impart road education in schools with technology, IPEC, Cindeas and night schools”, explained the portfolio through a press release. “Thanks to this variant, a young person, whether or not he is a college student, or an adult, will pass the theoretical exam based on the same minimum grade for any modality of this course (regular, tutoring, sufficiency, public transport and educational support)”, added the MOPT.

    The theoretical exam consists of 40 questions. Each question is formulated through a system that randomly selects them from among 800 questions stored in a bank. This system ensures that the exam covers all the contents of the Driver’s Manual. “The person must prepare in the best way in all the contents of the Manual since, although less score is required to pass, the rigor is maintained, even automatically all the people cited in the same laboratory apply a different exam”, detailed the DGEV .

    Finally, the DGEV urged those interested in taking the test to avoid buying questionnaires or other types of material that unscrupulous people claim are exam questions. “This activity becomes a scam, because, as explained, each exam is created randomly by the system and the chances of it being repeated are very low”, the public office concluded.

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