What Image Do You Convey to Others with Your Profile Photo and Posts?

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    I start by clarifying that each one of us is free to put the photo and publish what best pleases on their social networks. However, although many people think that this matter does not concern them more than themselves. Today, we know that it is very far from reality.

    Most of our profiles on social networks are public and some of us have not only one social network but several: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. One of the main objectives to use them is to socialize and communicate with other people; being so, it is valid to ask, what message am I transmitting to my acquaintances, followers or contacts with my profile picture or beyond, with my posts and the publications that I share?

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    Imagine the following; If an unknown person Googled his name and photo, what would be the first impression of him when seeing his image? Moreover, I invite you to carry out an exercise: put your name and surname in a search engine and see the results, both on the web and in photos and videos. Does it appear? And do you like what you see? Does it inspire and transmit what you want?

    Of course, it all depends on the image you want to project with your profiles: party animal, sociable, family, athletic, professional, in love, worker, lover of nature or your pet, among many other things? In short, whatever you want, the important thing is that you have it clear and analyze if you are achieving it. The idea is that this factor does not play against itself.

    Your personal brand

    Nowadays there is a lot of talk about personal branding. And it is that now, more than ever, social networks allow us to manage it, to be something like our own “community manager”. We are making our personality and thoughts known, over time, through our opinions, the photos we publish, the articles we share, our videos, etc. In short: “Tell me what you publish and I will tell you who you are”.

    On the other hand, today it is known that most employers in the world and business people search, mainly on Linkedin, for the candidates they want to recruit or the profile of professionals with whom they want to negotiate.

    So, to finish, I share with you 4 specific tips that I heard in a talk about personal branding:

    • Be consistent with yourself; in other words, the photo, posts and actions on social networks help to show the image that you want to project.

    • Distinguish social networks; do not mix personal networks with professional ones – LinkedIn is not the same as Tinder.

    • Do not discuss topics you wouldn’t talk about in public; remember that you are solely responsible for what you post.

    • Everything else applies to WhatsApp; especially, if you maintain a relationship with your clients through that medium.

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