What Are The Benefits Of Consuming Honey?

    The consumption of certain portions of honey in the daily diet has many benefits

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    A study carried out by the University of Toronto, in Canada, revealed that consuming about two tablespoons of honey a day helps to maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

    The study analyzes the results of 18 trials that include more than 1,100 participants. By using it as a replacement for sweeteners and consuming it in a measured portion, the benefits are often seen.

    What findings did the study reveal?

    The sugar content in honey is 80 percent, so according to the researchers, it should not be consumed in excess.

    Furthermore, when assessing the quality of the trials, they noted that there was insufficient certainty to take the results for granted. Even so, they found that “the consumption of about 40 grams of raw honey and the consumption of honey from monofloral sources” contribute to a greater extent.

    The benefits they mentioned are “lowered blood glucose and decreased low-density protein in the blood,” the article reads.

    They also added that the results were not only associated with the consumption of two spoons of honey a day, but also with the reduction in the consumption of other types of sugars.

    Replacing sugar

    So Tauseef Khan, one of the scientists emphasized that “the bottom line is more about replacement: if you are using table sugar, syrup or other sweetener, swapping those sugars for honey could reduce cardiometabolic risks.”

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