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    An air ticket is a document that allows you a seat on the plane, it is the indication that your trip is already underway, so here we present a list of tips that you must take into account to buy a plane ticket.

    Useful advice:

    • Seek advice from trained personnel. They can help you get the best airfare to travel.
    • Check that your documents are updated.
    • Look for tickets in advance, it is the only way to get good deals.
    • Try as much as possible to be flexible with the dates. During the low season you can find some amazing deals.
    • If your trip is for vacation, before choosing your destination, investigate, there are cheaper destinations than others and that are just as incredible.
    • Also be flexible with the days and times of low traffic, this will allow you to find cheaper flights.
    • Know the airlines that travel to the destination you want to go to and the different stopovers they make.
    • Combine airlines, you can travel one way with one airline and return on the same route with another airline, it is a good choice if it is cheaper for you.
    • Low-cost airlines are very useful for weekend getaways where you only carry a carry-on bag, but not for long trips, you can end up paying much more money to carry a suitcase.
    • When purchasing your air ticket, notify your travel agent if you have any special conditions or if you need any additional service. (Pregnant women, disabled people, minors traveling alone).
    • It is recommended that you check the conditions of your air ticket, the cheapest fares have certain restrictions such as the impossibility of making changes and refunds.
    • Notify your travel agent at the time of ticket purchase if you travel under special conditions or if you need any additional service.
    • Direct flights are very practical because they save time and trouble with luggage, but they are sometimes much more expensive. So if you don’t mind spending a little more time traveling, look for flights with a stopover.
    • Don’t be obsessed with finding the cheapest plane tickets. It is not necessary to spend hours and hours in front of the computer to find the best price.
    • Do not wait for the last minute flight offer that may not come.
    • Investigate if the destination you are traveling to has more than one airport, or perhaps there is one in a nearby city that you are interested in flying to because it is cheaper.
    • When you buy your plane ticket it is recommended that you purchase travel insurance.
    • Verify when buying your air ticket that your data is correct, as well as destinations, schedules, if it is a flight with a stopover.
    • Follow the social networks of our travel agency and subscribe to receive the best offers. It is the best way to be informed.

    And… Have a good trip!

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