Traveling in the Rainy Season to Costa Rica

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    The rainy season does not always seem like a good time to travel anywhere. Most holidaymakers and travelers seek warm relaxing weather compared to a wet one. However, when it comes to Costa Rica, traveling in the rainy season will be the most rewarding decision ever.

    It is because the weather is great for most outdoor activities, and the beauty of this country also tends to shine brightest during the rainy season. So, if fun overrules soaking in the sun for you, travel to Costa Rica when it rains.

    The rainy season is also a season when you get to enjoy cheaper rates for most things, more touring flexibility, and better transport and access to all important areas.

    Best time during the rainy season to visit Costa Rica

    May and June make the best rainy season times to get to this beautiful country. The famed waterfalls are full, the rainforest greener than ever, and the wet adventures are in plenty. It is also important to mention that it is a season that experiences low crowds; you will have all the freedom to enjoy the activities without feeling congested.

    July and August are also great for traveling as the rains wane considerably. The fun activities are just as thrilling during this time, so you have nothing to worry about if you find yourself here during the months. You will be amazed by how many things you can enjoy in the rain.

    Things to do in Costa Rica during the rainy season

    1. Relax in the Natural View Having Vacation Rentals

    Nothing beats a relaxing morning or evening as the rain falls gently in view. Most Costa Rica vacation rentals are strategically placed to give you splendid views that you can enjoy relaxing comfortably.

    So get cozy in a hammock, seep your hot tea, and simply take in the amazing views from the comfort of your rental under the rain. The rain will soothe you and help you de-clutter your mind. You will be surprised at how rejuvenated you feel just relaxing.

    1. Take a Rejuvenating Massage

    Your body deserves some love, and massages do exactly that. Not just when traveling but from time to time. The rainy season in Costa Rica is one of the best times you can choose to enjoy that rejuvenating massage.

    The soothing rain and bliss of the season, coupled with some deep tissue massage, will go a long way in waking your body in all the right ways. There are very good nature-inspired spas in Costa Rica, where you can clear your mind fog and relax every inch of your body. You can consider oil therapy too for a renewed you.

    1. Go for a tour in the Costa Rica Rain Forest

    The rainforest is among the top features in the country, without a doubt. Most people come here solely to enjoy the natural surroundings and all their benefits. The plant life and biodiversity are most interesting, and the jungle experiences you get will be unforgettable.

    The rain clears up all the dust and dirt from the leaves, and what you will have in the unmatched freshness of the lush views, let your senses dance in the greenery. It does not matter where you choose to tackle the rainforest; you can be sure to have the most refreshing time.

    1. Enjoy the Thrill of Whitewater Rafting

    You are visiting during the rainy season because you are not afraid of getting wet. So why not indulge in whitewater rafting? Savegre River is a hot spot for rafting and will offer you second and third-class rapids.

    It is considered the cleanest river in Costa Rica, and its turns and bends will have your adrenaline rushing. Apart from the excitement of battling the rapids, you will enjoy breathtaking flora and fauna all around you during the trip. The rafts have guides; you will go through simple safety instructions and practice to prepare yourself and your other passengers.

    1. Go for Surfboarding

    Swells in Costa Rica are very good all year round. However, the rainy season offers larger waves which advanced surfers will find thrilling. The pummeling waves will keep you focused, excited, and busy.

    The reduced crowds during this season make it even better for you to enjoy all the opportunities the waves provide. The surf experts will guide you on tackling the waters, and the weather on the surf day will determine the breaks you get. It is time to perfect your surfing tricks!

    1. Take an ATV Ride

    An all-terrain vehicle ride is among the best ways to enjoy the rugged mountain terrain in Costa Rica. Whether alone or with family and friends, you will love riding through the rainforest, over the rivers, and climbing through the mountains to a breathtaking view of your choice.

    You must be prepared to get dirty when taking the ATV ride. So choose your outfit well so you can splash in the mud with no restrictions. The good thing with most tours is that they head right to the waterfalls, where you can enjoy a dip to wash off a little.

    1. Taste the Tico food

    You really cannot visit Costa Rica and fail to enjoy its authentic traditional food. The rainy season makes it even better for you to enjoy huge servings of the delicious Tico cuisine. It is the simplest way of diving into the country’s culture, and your options are numerous, whether for breakfast or dinner. Rice, vegetables, fish, and meat are the most typical dishes.

    You will note that the food is tastier than it is spicy. The must-tries include Casado comprising of red beans, rice, and meat, fish or chicken, and vegetables or a salad. There is also Gallo Pinto and Ceviche, an original Peru dish.

    1. Explore the Arenal Volcano

    The Arenal Volcano is a very popular site and attracts loads of visitors. The green season which falls in the rainy season here has increased chances of giving you a peek at the tapered cone of the volcano. Early mornings are the best times to see this glory before the clouds hide it away, as is usually the case. So click away and enjoy the rare moment for the rest of your life.

    Final Words

    Costa Rica is the place to be if you are looking a sweet home away from home. Contrary to what you might think of the rainy season, you will have exciting days filled with memories while here.

    It is a time that keeps you active and enjoying nature simultaneously, whether traveling alone or with family and friends. The perfect rental and activities that interest you the most will bring you joy. Get the best by planning and choosing carefully; there is much to see and do in this beautiful country, whatever the season.
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