Tourists Would Have New Entry Requirements to Costa Rica

    Showing Solvency of US$ 500 Would Be Necessary

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    Forcing a visitor to pay US$ 15 and demonstrate minimum solvency of US$ 500, in cash or bank account to enter the country, is proposed by 2 bills at the Legislative Assembly.

    The charge, which would apply to those either entering by air or maritime ports, aims to raise some ¢ 6,300 million annually, which would be used to finance expropriations in national parks and the protection of conservation areas. Nationals, transporters, cruise passengers, diplomats, people in transit or who have entered in the last 30 days, would be exempt.

    Tourist will need to have minimum solvency of US$ 500

    Another entry requirement for tourists would be to demonstrate minimum solvency of US$ 500 to cover their expenses while they are in the national territory, as it is applied in other countries; for example, Panama. Currently, foreigners must prove solvency of US$ 100 for each month of stay in the country, at the time of entry.

    Also, showing the travel continuity ticket or return to the country of origin, and carrying the passport in good condition and visa, for some nationalities, are requirements, according to the General Directorate of Migration and Immigration.

    The project on the collection of the US$ 15 is in process in the Environment Commission and has the support of the government legislator Paola Vega. While the other, presented by Shirley Diaz, deputy of the Christian Social Unit, was assigned to the Government and Administration Commission, under file 21,135 and would be delivered on September 5th, 2019.

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