Tourism Entrepreneurs in Costa Rica Continue to Reinforce Their Campaign “Depending On Tourism”

    To Raise Awareness in the Costa Rican Population

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    I depend on tourism” is the name of the campaign launched by the group of Costa Rican Tourism businessmen in order to educate and raise awareness among the population about the importance of tourism for the country.

    The campaign that began two months ago has been reinforced with videos that educate the national population on the importance that all Ticos depend on tourism, emphasizing that this is a chain, generating work for many people.

    Tourism is reborn from the ashes like the phoenix in a different Costa Rica

    Overcoming the crisis

    “We are all aware that Costa Rica is going through one of its worst financial and economic situations in the last century and we must all cooperate and do what is in our power to help the country. We, as entrepreneurs of “Tourism for Costa Rica”, consider that tourism is the most strategic economic activity and the one that has the greatest possibility of generating jobs and new income through the most democratic currencies that we can receive.

    For this and other compelling reasons, we are trying to make all Costa Ricans realize how important tourism is for each one of us and that is why it is worth protecting and promoting it,” said Bary Roberts, a renowned Costa Rican Tourism businessman.

    According to Roberts, this campaign can have a medium-term impact on tourism activity because the more aware the population is of the importance of this activity, the more they will support and contribute to strengthening and growing tourism. When the sector is doing well, Costa Rica is doing better, and when tourism is not doing so well, the country suffers. Therefore, it is important to understand that we all depend on tourism.

    The most strategic economic activity

    According to Roberts, tourism is the most strategic economic activity that Costa Rica has due to its direct linkage with 30% to 40% of other economic activities and indirectly with all the others. It is the largest employer in the country, between direct and indirect jobs and of which more than half are for women, the largest generator of foreign exchange and all this is distributed in rural and coastal areas, which is where more tourism is carried out.

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