These Are the 9 TicaGirls Who Will Fulfill Their Dream Of Reaching NASA

    They were chosen thanks to the “She is an Astronaut” program

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    9 Costa Rican girls and adolescents will fulfill their dream of traveling to the NASA Space Center in Houston, United States. This thanks to the “She Is an Astronaut” program of the “She Is” foundation.

    The initiative aims to bring significant changes that break gender stereotypes and that will allow them to increase the rates of women in STEAM areas.These girls and adolescents in vulnerable conditions and lovers of science and technology were selected from among 800 registrations to travel to NASA next December.

    According to journalist Glenda Umaña, for five days, they will have robotics activities, programming, rocket construction, mission organization, creation of a lunar habitat and talks with experts in flight direction and space travel simulation.

    Learning teamwork

    In this dynamic, they will also learn to work as a team, to develop leadership values, just as professional teams of astronauts who embark on space missions do.But the process does not end with the Ticos’ visit to NASA, the foundation will accompany them until the completion of their university studies.

    Very excited

    “We are very excited, this year we have the representation of girls and young people, between 12 and 16 years old, from our 7 provinces, with a great willingness to learn and get the most out of this experience. Given the success we had the previous year with the first Costa Rican mission, we know that it will be a very enriching opportunity for them, both what they are going to experience during this time, and what will remain in them for their professional future,” commented Priscilla. Solano, director of the program in Costa Rica and vice president of the She Is a Glenda Umaña Foundation.

    These are the lucky young Ticas:

    SofíaBermúdezLeiva, Tres Ríos, 12 years old.

    KteisheYaeli Villanueva Patiño, Turrialba, 16 years old.

    Meylin Santana Álvarez Carrillo15 years old.

    Elieth Carolina Mora Ceciliano, Pérez Zeledón, 15 years old.

    Hillary Melissa Corrales Sibaja, Sarchí 13 years old.

    KiaraLynsue Rosales Monge, Limón, 16 years old.

    Isabella Rosales Vargas, Pavas, 12 yearsold.

    Mariana Sofia Rodríguez Quesada, Sarapiquí, 16 yearsold.

    Tamara Nahomi Brenes Varela, Sarapiquí, 12 yearsold.

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