President of Costa Rica Defended Nature-Based Solutions

    Prioritizing biodiversity and green energy

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    Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado said that solutions based on nature and the oceans are key to addressing current crises. The President participated in the virtual dialogue at New York University (NYU) Prioritizing biodiversity and green energy: a conversation with the Costa Rican President, Carlos Alvarado, who used three photos to begin his speech.

    The first about his attendance at the recent inauguration of the Costa Rica Space Radar (in the province of Guanacaste), with the astronauts Edward Lu and Franklin Chan, who -he assured- represent courage, passion and discipline, something necessary to achieve our goals in matters of climate change.

    The second, with his son Gabriel, who means the future and if we don’t act in a couple of years the world will be a difficult place. “Think of your children, your nephews. What kind of world are we going to give them?” Reflected the Tico president.

    And the third, of the map of Costa Rica, where it is appreciated that the sea constitutes 92 percent of this Central American nation. Hence, he argued, the importance of integrating solutions based on the oceans.

    High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People

    During his speech, the president reiterated the Costa Rican initiative, together with France and the United Kingdom, of the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People, whose goal is to conserve 30 percent of the land and sea surface by 2030.

    He also highlighted the trajectory of his nation and the global vision of multilateral approaches to environmental policy such as the Paris Agreement, the implementation of the electric train, the use of 99 percent of energy generated by renewable sources.

    He also spoke of the National Decarbonization Plan 2018-2050, which seeks to reach zero net emissions by 2050, and promotes the modernization and dynamism of the economy under a vision of green growth.

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