These Are the 10 Careers with the Highest Labor Demand in Costa Rica

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    demand. According to CINDE’s The Talent Place, the 10 service careers with the greatest demand are:

    1. Software or Computer Engineering

    2. Business Administration

    3. Accounting

    4. Industrial Engineering

    5. Electronic Engineering

    6. Digital Animation, Audiovisual Production and Graphic Design

    7. Electrical Engineering

    8. Electromechanical Engineering

    9. Mechatronics Engineering

    10. Economy

    New engineering is emerging

    Mechatronics Engineering, which is among the 10 careers with the highest labor demand in the country, allows the professional to design intelligent products, configure, operate and manage automation and robotics systems, which generates efficiency in the industries where they are implemented and in the home where products equipped with artificial intelligence are purchased. The course lasts 8 semesters at the Universidad Fidélitas (U Fidélitas).

    In this way, the U Fidélitas joins the Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC) and Invenio Universidad. Other universities that provide a superior technician in Mechatronics are the Creative University (Ucreativa) and the Costa Rican Technological University (UTC).

    What does a mechanical engineer do?

    A mechatronics engineer specializes in pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical and electronic systems, responding to the increase in the automation of processes in different industries such as those mentioned above, where he can work as a designer of industrial automation systems, supervisor, manager, teacher, researcher or in the marketing area, among others

    According to the 2019 Conare Labor Snapshot, 93% of graduates are employed. 84.2% work in the private sector, while 5.8% in the state sector; out of them, 83.3% are salaried and only 3.3% work independently.

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