“Digital Ecosystems” as a Tool to Strengthen Organizations

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    Tools that provide inputs, data, timely responses, and traceability to customers have proven to bring success to operations. One of the most important challenges is to maintain the essence that motivated the origin and growth of the organization. That is our case, in which we never stopped in a process of constant evolution, which has responded to the needs of our market, always maintaining the slogan of approach and speed in our services.

    When customer service becomes the flag of an organization, and faced with so many new challenges, innovation becomes a great ally. Today, the implementation of a whole digital ecosystem, which permeates a significant number of areas of the company, has proven to bring success in the management of operations. It is a series of technological tools that intertwined, provide, among other things, inputs, data, timely responses, customer traceability and information integration.

    This model is born from within and beyond a series of actions, it is adopted as a culture. To make it a reality, bots, data generating systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobile applications, among others, are used. All these instruments are of greater benefit and utility in the financial segment in which we operate, where consumers increasingly demand speed and security in the services they receive.

    Real-time information

    One of the main requirements is to have real-time information on your operations and also request the products from the comfort of where you are. These expectations have been successfully channeled through an application, which today is a common and daily tool, in addition to the content and facilities it offers make a difference in the user experience. In this space, all strategic options can be centralized for both organizations and their clients. In our case, we speak from financial education, credit processing and the possibility of managing and transferring money in an agile and secure way.

    Electronic wallets

    Currently, electronic wallets are a very attractive trend that offer the possibility of carrying out a large number of procedures from the mobile phone. In a simple way, users can make recurring transactions such as utility payments and make financial decisions from their cell phone; just what most of us look for.

    This is just one example of how we can bring our customers closer to technology through strategic digital ecosystems. Combining this model with a face-to-face service in a robust network of agile business centers, with state-of-the-art technology and that generates a good customer experience, has been a decision, which, in our case, has allowed us to provide users with an entire experience comprehensive quality.

    Evolution and Innovation are the key

    The most important thing is that organizations buil

    d a personalized digital ecosystem for their line of business, segment and opportunities, and that from there they can go on a constant path of innovation. Evolution is an obligation of all companies, innovation is the tool to achieve it.
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