There is Hope Ahead with Regards to the World’s Great Climate Crisis

    The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that climate change is responsible for more than 150,000 deaths each year

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    The year 2021 has been crucial to know everything that has emerged as a result of the climate change crisis, what the United Nations (UN) has released and what the various nations discussed at COP 26.

    It is no secret to anyone that the issue of carbon dioxide has been fundamental. History has not been wrong and the studies much less, regarding this greenhouse gas. In the second Industrial Revolution, which began at the end of the 19th century, carbon dioxide caused a huge increase in the burning of fossil fuels, which allowed the powering of homes and industries, and inaugurated the era of global transport.

    In the 19th century, scientists detected the ability of carbon dioxide to increase global temperatures, which is why they thought that positive consequences would be generated throughout the planet.So far the increase in carbon dioxide levels has not stopped. Studies have shown that human activities release more carbon dioxide than nature can remove.

    The fauna suffers greatly from the climate crisis

    Due to climate change, many bird populations in the world’s largest rainforest “The Amazon” are shrinking.Through a publication in the journal Science Advances, dated November 12th, it was known that 36 species of Amazon birds had lost considerable weight, up to 2 percent of their body weight per decade since 1980. Decades of research have revealed that tropical birds are developing longer wings and smaller bodies.

    The Amazon is infinite and that is why researchers have consistently noted the effects on climate change, mainly in the driest season of the jungle, which has become warmer and more arid.

    You may wonder why scientists are so interested in birds and that is because these animal species are usually considered sentinel, that is, they function as indicators of the general health of the ecosystem.

    A 2019 National Audubon Society report highlighted that more than two-thirds of North American bird species will be vulnerable to extinction by 2100, as long as the warming situation persists.

    People’s health does not escape the consequences

    People around the world have also suffered directly and indirectly from the climate change crisis.Specialists in the area of ​​health, has made it known that greenhouse gases such as those related to increased frequency of heat waves, can cause hypertemia, better known as (extreme increase in body temperature) and cardiac arrest. An ideal example of the United Nations Environment Program monitor was Europe’s 2013 heat wave, which killed more than 30,000 people.

    The emission of greenhouse gases is one of the main causes why today we breathe the poorest quality air. Experts have also highlighted that as more changes in the climate are recorded in both temperature, humidity or precipitation, the reproduction and accumulation of certain vectors increases, such as mosquitoes of the Aedes or Anopheles genera, that is why, that in the last decades there have been constant diseases transmitted Chikungunya fever, dengue, Zika or yellow fever, transmitted by mosquitoes of the genus Aedes; or malaria, which occurs when the Anopheles mosquito transmits parasites of the genus Plasmodium.

     Finally, the United Nations Food Organization (FAO) announced that the lack of access to nutritious food due to climate change has led to millions of families living in a state of malnutrition and at the same time with higher levels of overweight and obesity, of course this is no excuse for the mismanagement of some rulers of the world.

    Everything remains as a reflection of each individual, of the great leaders of the world, of the conscious actions towards our planet and that our environment will not purge itself of the bad overnight, but from grain to grain. Remember you can work on this and give the example.

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