Therapy is Essential for the Evolution and Growth of Human Beings

    Luna Borges, a prominent Venezuelan holistic coach, also pointed out that meditation is essential as a philosophy of life

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    Luna Borges was known for years as a renowned cellist and as a cultural manager. However, for 8 years, in Mexico, she trained as a holistic coach, performing therapy through the management of different well-being tools such as yoga, meditation, akashic records, angelic healing, reiki and hypnotherapy. In her role as a therapist, she attends to patients from anywhere in the world online.

    Helping to manage emotions

    For this young woman, the myths and taboos around what it means to go to therapy must be demolished. Taking care of the close relationship between physical and mental health is very normal, as much as going to the dentist. Currently, she attends to a large portfolio of patients online, emphasizing that therapy serves to find the necessary tools to continue growing physically and spiritually, helping to manage emotions.

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    The young woman, who has also worked as a model, will reunite with her native country in December to give meditation workshops, both for the general public and for the musicians of the National Orquestra.

    “I just launched a 24-class course to learn yoga from scratch. We have students in many parts of Latin America and Europe. The proposal that it brings is to hold an intensive workshop where the participant lives the experience from an intimate approach”, she concludes.

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