How to Integrate Executive Coaching in Startups

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    Executive or business coaching is a discipline or a dynamic of teachings at the company level that has been talked about for years. From 2012 to 2022, a very long-time universe has passed.

    Although it has only been 10 years, in all this time a terrible economic crisis has been overcome, a very hopeful climate of growth has been generated, but a new crisis derived from a global pandemic has also arrived. To this, we must add the delicate environmental situation and the pressing scarcity of resources, the urgent need to accelerate the energy transition and the promotion of new technologies.

    With all this, business or executive coaching retains many elements in common with this same discipline in 2012, especially when it comes to promoting startups, but the changing context must also be included as a factor to consider in order to explain what this set of tools consists of.

    What is business coaching?

    Business coaching, as an element of growth for the management of innovative companies, seeks to integrate all the emotional aspects of people with the strategic vision of the company or organization, to seek a harmonious space for all the actors and that this translates into a mutual benefit.

    People often fall into emotionality and put this feeling before rationality. One of the bases of coaching is to help people, in this case entrepreneurs, to find their own path socially and psychologically.

    The idea of ​​the coaches is to accompany the members of the management teams and the entrepreneurs so that they are capable of increasing their performance by studying the goals, the path and the rules of the game. In this sense, it is vital to improve the synergies of the organization to increase the degree of productivity internally. In the case of startups, which are companies that are always walking on the wire in search of financing, the appearance of other competitors or the difficulties in finding a consumer niche that supports their business idea, feeling close to the teachings of the process of coaching is very welcome.

    What are the principles of coaching and how to apply them in innovative companies?

    We can talk about 3 principles within this discipline that, when executed correctly, help startups. In this way, there are formulas to transfer the benefits of coaching to the business environment.

    A first principle that goes into this practice is to always set growth as an objective that goes hand in hand with survival. A good organization constantly seeks its survival, and for this it must generate the necessary mechanisms that adapt it to the market. In startups, this idea is very present in aspects such as the search for financing.

    The first principle goes hand in hand with the second, which advocates constant innovation. Survival requires continuous reconversion and reformulation. This obviously also depends on the resources available, both in time and financial and personal.

    An innovation process in the company also implies managing leadership and talent within the organization. Finally, the third purpose is to put all this into practice, and it is here that coaching plays a most essential role.

    The coach helps the entrepreneur to be aware of the environment that surrounds him, and makes him see what his strengths and weaknesses are. Very frequently, the figure of the coach is usually associated with that of a psychologist, but they are not similar, since with the first practice, business techniques are worked on, not psychological ones.

    All startups that need to work on aspects related to their ability to execute, their impact on clients, their creativity internally and the organizational development of the company, as well as the management of failure, have powerful executive or business coaching tool to achieve your goals.

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