The First 100% Online Platform for Hiring Professional Chefs at Home Is Born in Costa Rica

    Diners can hire classes, breakfast menus, brunches, lunches and menu tasting, among other choices

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    “Each dish is an experience that can lead us to discover the emotion, adventure and authentic flavor of a place, and there is no greater pleasure than enjoying it from our own home”. This is the vision of Allan Hernández Montero and Juan Carlos Estrada Durán, founders of KAJUAL gastronomy, the first 100% online platform for hiring professional chefs at home in the country.

    According to the founders, the goal is for people to be able to enjoy the best gastronomic experiences in their favorite places, emphasizing local flavors and tasting dishes prepared by professional chefs. “Since I began my studies in gastronomy in 2019, I have been very interested in the way in which it is capable of creating unique experiences and moments for people, and the concept of a platform that allows diners to have access to this arose, from their homes and with the ease offered by new technologies. Together with my partner we developed the idea and currently, KAJUAL gastronomy has different private chef service experiences at home, ranging from classes to group workshops, breakfast menus, brunch, lunch, and tasting menu”, explained Hernández.

    In addition, the platform offers exclusive artisan products, inspired by local flavors, such as jellies and pickles. “KAJUAL is a creative, contemporary kitchen with a 100% Costa Rican approach. We want to be part of this new wave of local chefs whose goal is to incorporate gastronomy as another attraction to our country. Put Costa Rica on the map and be recognized as one of the great countries at the culinary level”, he added.

    Contracts and purchases can be made by text message or through a form available on the project website Home delivery options range in price from US$50 to US$175 per person, and artisan products range from US$9 to US$18 per item. “We know the potential that these types of experiences have and we understand that the privacy and confidence of being at home complement an exceptional gastronomic session. Therefore, our goal is to continue growing and have a team of Costa Rican chefs with whom we can expand throughout the country and present their ideas and menus to our future national and international diners, he concluded.

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