Expectation of Employment in Costa Rica Improves By 2021, According To A Survey

    Small companies report a net growth trend of 3%, followed by medium-sized companies with a fall of 1%, and micro-entrepreneurs are at - 4%

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    The expectation of hiring personnel in Costa Rica for the first quarter of 2021 will improve, driven by the reopening of various economic activities, according to the Employment Outlook Survey published this Tuesday by ManpowerGroup.

    The study revealed that 14% of the surveyed employers expect to increase their payroll, 10% predict to decrease them, 74% do not expect changes, while 2% do not know what may happen.

    Therefore, the net employment expectation is + 2%, which represents an increase of 16 percentage points compared to the previous quarter and remains relatively stable in the annual measurement.

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    “The figures show a slight improvement for employment after two consecutive quarters with negative numbers, which means that, despite the uncertainty about the health issue, employers remain optimistic and the unemployed could benefit. “The labor market with the best projection is in the capital with + 5%, responding to the reopening of some economic activities,” said ManpowerGroup Costa Rica country manager Natalia Severiche.

    The survey, conducted with 472 employers, reveals that 47% of employers expect that in less than a year they will be able to return to the hiring levels they had before the covid-19 pandemic, 27% estimate that it will take more than one year and 26% still don’t know.

    In the case of industrial sectors, the strongest expectation is reported in the communications and transportation sector with a 9% increase, while manufacturing, agriculture, fishing, mining and extraction present a positive expectation of 6%, each one.

    “The Expectation of Communications and Transportation could be due to the reopening of air borders for tourists, as well as the demand for cell phone and Internet services due to the adoption of flexible work schemes,” said Severiche.

    In contrast, the commerce area reports a 2% drop, followed by construction and services with a 9% decrease each.

    The study indicates that depending on the size of the company, a more resilient workforce is anticipated in three of the four organization size categories for the next quarter.

    The strongest labor market corresponds to that of large companies with a positive expectation of 5%.

    Small companies report a net growth trend of 3%, followed by medium-sized companies with a fall of 1%, and micro-entrepreneurs are at – 4%.

    In other parts of the world, the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook survey for the first quarter of 2021 reveals that in 34 of the 43 countries and territories evaluated, hiring plans remain positive in the period ending at the end of March 2021.

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