Bribris Natives Start a Home Delivery Restaurant with Ancestral Gastronomy

Offering the original gastronomy of our indigenous peoples, with flavors full of history

Healthy foods, hand in hand with the environment, gave rise to the Virtual Restaurant Cuchara Ulùkichawak, Andrea Sánchez and Vanessa Vega are the owners of this venture; both indigenous Bribri.

On their menu they offer dishes such as Guacho, with smoked Kró meat (chicken), roasted bananas with chicharrones from Köchi (pork) and casados with chicharrones, all accompanied by rice, tender beans, palm hearts, minced meat, yucca and yam, among others. All the products are organic and chemical-free, brought directly from the Mlusidioñank farm and the Kabata Konana Estanco of Cabécares women from Talamanca.

“We are inspired by the recipes of our Bribris mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers. It is a meal that connects us with our worldview, identity and culture, which allows us to enjoy a historical experience of flavors,” said Vega, a partner at Cuchara Ulùkichawak.

They also offer high quality, gluten-free Tsiruska organic chocolates produced by the Talamanca Indigenous Women’s Commission Association (Acomuita). These come in tablets in their presentations of organic cocoa with ginger root, with orange juice and coconut cajeta.

And finally, pure cocoa bars, equally organic.

Deep Indigenous roots

The name of the enterprise comes from the Vega clan, called Ulùkichawak, which means “raft root”. The clans are the representation of the different indigenous groups whose descent is traced through their mothers. “All our food containers are biodegradable and compostable and are made from bagasse from sugarcane, as part of our environmental commitment,” Sánchez clarified.

To schedule your orders for delivery to work or home, Cuchara Ulùkichawak opens from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. at 4:30 p.m. and for now they cover the Greater Metropolitan Area or if you want to pick up your order you can do it in Sabana Sur.


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Whatsapp 8737-2679

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