Microbes play hide and seek, be careful!

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    Health: Microbes play hide and seek

    People think that germs are in certain places but not in others. For example, some fear having contact with elevator buttons and door handles and then putting your finger in your mouth afterwards that you will surely get diarrhea, fever and vomiting a flu or a cold, this is not so. These places are not humid enough to serve as a breeding ground for microbes in the environment.

    Germs, namely bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms capable of generating diseases, like to inhabit telephone speakers, computer keyboards, office tables, sinks, and surprise! freshly washed clothes. These conclusions are derived from several studies conducted by specialized microbiologists.

    Be careful with clean clothes, people cannot imagine – say microbiologists – how dirty freshly washed clothes are. It is advisable to sanitize your hands after doing laundry. Do not be surprised, the explanation of clean clothes being dirty is because we mostly use the washing machine in short cycles and with cold water, and if you wash clothes this way bacteria survive due to the use of cold water, since it leaves the virtually intact microbe.

    Some more common known microorganisms are, for example; streptococcus that can cause ailments such as tonsillitis, impetigo (skin condition that causes ulcers), meningitis, norovirus (can be lethal in babies and the elderly due to chronic diarrhea, headache, high fevers among others), rotavirus, salmonella and hepatitis

    The way to properly sanitize clothes is using water at 60 ° Celsius.

    Preparing food is another of the activities where germs are involved, especially if raw meat is handled. “Most of the people are not aware that they should wash their hands not only before but also after preparing food“, microbes and viruses are invisible and people have misconceptions about where they are and proliferate.

    Bacterias, Célula, Falsificación, Imitación, Patógeno

    Knowing what the true red areas are, in terms of germ concentration is important, especially when talking about strong viral processes that are currently “in mode”.

    Germs proliferate in the most unthinkable places. According to research, there are 400 times more bacteria on an office desk than on the bottom of a water well, since the latter it is kept cleaner than the desks or computer keyboards of an office or cyber.

    In short, bacteria live everywhere, the important thing is to know them, to know what they can cause in human beings, how to eliminate them, but the most essential fact that must be learned and put into practice is how to clean the environments where they proliferate, be it at the office or at home, in an effective way to keep under control and avoid serious harm to our health.

    Having an effective cleaning and hygiene is of vital importance, especially in the stage when their are babies in the house beginning to crawl on the floor and tending to put everything in their mouth.

    In short, you must be very careful when cleaning and sanitizing the spaces to be used. Remember that microbes play hide and seek.

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    10 Reasons Why Costa Rica Is the Best Vacation Destinations on the Planet

    When you're looking for adventure, family-friendly activities, good food, or just relaxation, then you're looking for Costa Rica. This...
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