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    The news from The Costa Rica News will be available now through the SQUID news app, an app that allows users to choose from a variety of topics so they can create their own news feed of information on their cell phones.

    SQUID is a news provider app.It offers varied news content in different formats including videos and podcasts, all the newsworthy stories from local and international media from Europe and Latin America.

    SQUID’s algorithm sorts and prioritizes news from the most interesting sources of information available on the Internet, allowing users to stay on top of the most important events. Also, SQUID re-directs the traffic of its readers to all the media websites available in the app.

    Something characteristic of SQUID is that it offers its users the opportunity to see and read the local news of other countries. It has access to news from more than 50 countries all available in their original languages (Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, etc.)

    SQUID is one of the official news providers for Huawei devices. To have access to the Squid news feed you have to activate it on your Huawei Assistant by clicking on “Publications” and then on “Sources”. That way users will receive all the news from the SQUID feed with the best information from local and international media, all in real-time.

    “To be informed of international events you only need a few minutes in our app, the key of our success is to present the contents in a simple and dynamic way.”  said Johan Othelius, CEO and founder of the SQUID app.

    The app is free and does not require registration. It is available on Google Play, Apple Store and Huawei App Gallery. So it is compatible with Android and IPhone devices.

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