New App Shows Costa Rican Biodiversity

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    New app will help Tourists to better understand and locate about 500 species in Costa Rica.

    The app is called Touit named after a national bird Touits costarricensis The application can be downloaded for free by logging on to .

    The app is offered in Spanish and English.

    The app is designed to assist people in learning more about biodiversity, allowing users to view information about 500 species that can be found and observed in the country, with images, text, distribution maps and geo-referencing.

    Some of the features are maps showing areas of the country where the species are located, images and information on their behavior and description.

    The data base contains information on amphibians, spiders, birds, mammals and reptiles.

    It also has a section called “Did you know?” where you share information about activities taking place in the country related to biodiversity.

    In addition to adding species to the application, it also has the ability for sharing content on social networks.

    Not only is this app a great tool for the tourist industry, for guides and tourists alike, but offers opportunities for the classroom, providing a tool whereby students and teachers can explore Costa Rica rich eco systems.

    Costa Rica is rated as one of the most bio-dense places on the planet, with a land area of only 0.03% of the planet’s surface. Costa Rica is considered to be one of the 20 countries with greatest biodiversity in the world. Because Costa Rica is a land bridge between the north and South American continents, it gives rise to numerous and varied microclimates, as well as being a major migration route, Costa Rica’s is a natural reservoir of species and ecosystems.

    There are more than 500,000 species found in this small country represent nearly 5% of the total species estimated worldwide. Of these 500,000 species, just over 300,000 are insects.

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