Press Release – Everyone’s favorite online food delivery business, recently bought the domain (Que Comemos) to offer another great way to attract customers to the first and best online food delivery business in Costa Rica.

Que Comemos is a brand name from a company originally launched as Tico Express, and they thought that by changing their brand, they can avoid the internet marketing issues they had previously. Well, is going to step things up to another level, and bury anyone who tries to compete in Costa Rica or Central America, specifically online with internet marketing tactics.

In Costa Rica there is a lot of machismo and bureaucracy when doing business for foreigners, but the internet was invented in North America, so many foreigners have more knowledge in online business then those who are new to the model in Costa Rica.

When you think of what to eat when you are hungry, you just have to shout out the words “Que Comemos” and you will of course think of, your online platform and digital food court in Costa Rica.

Getting back to the food industry in Costa Rica, you can see that many large brands from around the world are opening up their restaurants here, however the shear volume of “mom and pop” restaurants will always outweigh order volume and menu choices to big brands. That is what is best about Juanlotrae, you have a good selection of food from many choices, some of which use locally grown produce and meats, so you support local farmers in Costa Rica if you use the right online food ordering platform.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
San Jose Costa Rica


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