The latest surveys show Costa Ricans dissatisfaction with Laura Chinchilla is continuing to grow. Current surveys show 50+% of Costa Ricans rate Chinchilla Bad or Very Bad.

Laura Chinchilla has the second worst president assessment in the last 35 years, only surpassed by Rodrigo Carazo and currently there are an increasingly number of people who believe that Chinchilla almost never does what is good for the people.

Costa Ricans in general feel the country is going in the wrong direction. Costa Ricans also feel that infrastructure is stagnating, fiscal deficit, legislative and political leadership dynamics are lacking on all levels.

In a recent survey by TCRN, the TCRN Political Poll, Costa Ricans believe that corruption prevails at all levels of government from the top to the bottom.

When asked about Costa Rica’s growing relationship with China, Costa Ricans felt Chinchilla was to focused on China and does not spend enough time building relationships with North America and Europe, or with other Latin America.

Analysis of the TCRN Political Poll shows that just over 60% of Costa Ricans think that the although economically, Costa Rica weathered the global economic down turn well, the government has not done enough for the average Costa Rican, as cost of living seems to be severely outpacing minimum wage increases new employment opportunities.

The TCRN Political Poll also shows that, in general Costa Ricans don’t see any one candidate in the upcoming elections that stands out as a leader that can turn the country in a new and better direction.

[Sources: TCRN Political Poll, CDI-Gallop Poll,]

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
San Jose Costa Rica


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