The Challenge for Older Adults to Be Able to Generate Income in Costa Rica

    A senior Tico narrates his experience

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    I believe that my case can serve as an example to other people who, like me, despite being 60 years old, need to generate income to continue. Looking for work at this age is really complicated, there are few chances that one has and many needs.

    After having a stable job for more than 11 years in a clinical laboratory as a messenger, I saw myself for a long time without being able to work, searching, knocking on doors and none of them opened. Age was a huge barrier.

    Few options

    Job options are so few for older adults. When a friend told me about Uber Eats, I thought about it and finally decided to give it a try, because I really needed to support my family.

    So 4 years ago I started a new adventure. Always looking for quality in what I do, I registered as a delivery partner in the Uber Eats app. For me it was quite a novelty at that time because you do not have the ability of young people using technology, but it was not difficult to learn to use it.

    Being able to generate income so easily has really been a blessing, something I really appreciate. I never thought that technology would allow older people like me to have access, flexibility, feel useful, but above all to be able to cope with the family obligations that we have.

    Proud of my job

    I am proud to say that I have already made more than 10,000 deliveries using the application, I am in the diamond category, which means that my service is extremely good and people are very happy. They leave me comments that motivate me to be better every day.

    To achieve my financial goals, I connect to the app every day for as long as I have available. I normally make about 22 deliveries per day on my motorcycle, which allows me to move better around the city.

    It is definitely a challenge to undertake, trying to earn income when we are older. I have been lucky enough to be able to do it and to meet other people who also, at my age or older than me, do it.

    Losing the fear of technology when we are not used to it is a challenge, but it is worth it if it gives one the possibility to do useful things and generate income. You just have to make the decision and not miss the opportunities that we have so close at hand, it is a matter of attitude and not to wrinkle in the face of adversity.

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