Motorcycle Plates in Costa Rica Will Change Their Format To Give Greater Visibility To Police Authorities And Security Cameras

    New plates will begin to be delivered later this month

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    The motorcycle plates in Costa Rica will have a change in their format in order to give greater visibility, if necessary, to third parties, police or judicial authorities. The delivery of the new “plates” would begin at the end of this month and the change will allow a relocation of the numbers of each plate because they will have a greater height. Currently the National Registry is “fine-tuning” the last details to start with the delivery of these new license plates.

    The plates that motorcycles carry today have a format of 102×205 millimeters and will now be 153×205 millimeters. “The only difference with the current format is that it will be 51 mm higher to improve visibility and safety on the road,” they explained in the National Registry by means of an official letter sent to the different police authorities of the country.

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    The conformation of the license plate remains the same, that is, the motorcycles will keep the letter “M” and the consecutive license plate, which will now have six digits, a zero will be added to the left in case the license is not yet reached.

    Greater visibility

    “Among the main reasons for the new format of motorcycle plates, it can be indicated that it will allow greater visibility for third parties, including judicial authorities, Traffic Police and others.

    “Additionally, the new format will make it possible to face the necessary change when the 1,000,000th motorcycle license plate assignment is reached, because this change in size will make it possible to change the motorcycle license plate format to alphanumeric plates that combine, just like the vehicles, three numbers and three letters,” they explained.

    For her part, the Director of Services of the National Registry, Kattia Salazar, said that it is also sought that the dimensions of the license plates “adjust to the support of the motorcycle” and added that the new format will allow the license plate number to be visible, even in view of the future use of electronic recording systems on the road.

    The requirements to request the license plate will remain the same and can be consulted on the institution’s website and it is clarified to drivers that “the change (of license plate) is not mandatory” and that “in the case of first time plates would already come out with the new format “, the same would happen with the respositions.

    Among the changes implemented, it is also announced that the process of delivering “green plates” for electric motorcycles will begin; however, there is still no scheduled date for this process.

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